Drake – Nothing Was The Same (Album Review)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this album. I knew what I wanted to hear from it. I wanted to hear some of that mellow music that he makes and some of those hookah lounge exotic productions from 40. I wanted to hear those humble verses that he spits from time to time that lets you know how talented he really is. I want to hear songs that I could chill and hit the hookah to. I want to hear that Toronto shit. I try not to make my expectations high at this point so let’s see what we are working with.
Tuscan Leather
I can’t help to compare the intro to one of the songs from Passion Pit’s Gossamer album. That distorted sound is different from what I was expecting but I definitely think that it could have been left off. I love when the beat changes, the second part of the production has that Mobb Deep you better come with it type of feel.

“my life is a completed checklist”

You got to like how he humbles himself before you and tells the audience about what he goes through in his life right now. He seems to be in a defensive mode for a portion of the song and in the rest of the song he is accepting of his situation. Not sure where the outro excerpt is from but I’m sure it will surface in due time.

Furthest Thing
This song takes it back to the feeling you got when you listened to the first 2 to 3 songs off of Thank Me Later. The verses are truly open letters for women. He explains what he has been doing and is sort of apologetic for some of his actions. This song is more of a relatable song, it may not reflect exactly his experiences but many people can relate to what he is saying. Not feeling the beat change at the end of the song.

“I had to Derrick Rose the knee up before I got the re-up”

Started From the Bottom
STAWTED! This my jammy right here. Everytime I listen to the song I get visions in my head of three or four beach balls dancing around. I enjoyed the video, it just looked like they were having fun. This joint make you want to bust out into one of those Marty Mart dances.

Wu Tang Forever
Those keys are beautiful. I can see how it’s a homage or tribute to Wu Tang and I can see how some people hate on the song because it doesn’t sound like a “Wu-Tang” song but come on what were you expecting? Be serious now.

“it ain’t about who did it first, it’s about who did it right, ni99as lookin like PREEEEACCCH”

chuuch! I like how the sample is subtle, otherwise it would have killed the vibe of the song. The bassline is on par and his flow matched the melody almost perfectly.

Own It
I like how that “It’s Yourz” sample spills over to this song. This song consists of him harmonizing mostly. The lyrics during his rap verse shows how he is still hurt by how some people have treated him and he has no remorse or sympathy for those people who were going through some ish and decided to contact him and they weren’t there for him when he was going through his sh#t.

Worst Behavior
I like the whining sound in the background of this song. “muthaf#cka never loved us“, chuuch. Some of the same emotion from the prior song is brought into this song. I like how he started that verse with that BIG verse.

tennis matches at the crib, that’s why I can beat Serena when she playing with her left

pssh sure. I like that chorus.

From Time ft. Jhene Aiko
I’m still 50/50 on this song. It’s not like one of those songs that I look forward to hearing but I won’t skip it if it comes on. It seems like Drake has so many different stories to tell about how his relationships. The excerpt at the end of the song was interesting.

Hold On, We’re Going Home
This song is still growing on me. It just sounds too NeYo like for me. I like the bridge, I can say that much. I wonder who else is on this song. It’s songs like this that make me wonder what the studio atmosphere was like when creating it.

I like how this song starts off, it’s got that TRON about to go into battle vibe to it. That screwed sample in the background is that extra umph that makes this song really hit on all cylinders. Those hits are tough as well.

when it all falls apart, I’m always down to pick up a million tiny pieces

I’m feeling this joint especially the structure or format. It’s like riding a chillwave if there was ever one to ride. Excellent outro!

The Language
Not really feeling the song to be honest with you. The production is not my cup of tea. I kind of like his flow. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of his next singles. It’s a skip for me mainly because there’s not much substance to it.

305 To My City ft. Detail
This is like a cliche pop Drake song. Thought I was listening to the radio for a moment. This is just terrible, but please keep in mind that this is just my opinion. I’m sure there’s a ton of people out there that will love this song.

sh*ttight Too Much ft. Sampha
You have to love how they make the intro sound like they are just going through another take in recording this song. The piano keys are airy. When those drums and the bassline come in my face immediately gets screwed up. Sampha is going in during the hook. His vocals playing during the verses are so pure. Him sharing his thoughts about his mom just shows you that he is giving his fans all of him, I can appreciate something like that. Sampha’s vocals at the end of the song are so SBTRKT.

Pound Cake ft. Jay-Z / Paris Morton Music
Immediately my face got screwed up again. That vocal sample in the background just gives the song that thrilling feel.

the contract like ’91 Dan Marino

Initially I wasn’t feelin the scratching simulation but now it doesn’t bother me. I like those lines about him actually attending his class reunion. Jay’s verse is of course tough. Almost all of his lines are witty. I just think this Jay verse was elegant and when he makes that “pop” sound it gives me a good chuckle. Glad he gave my dude Killa Cam a plug.
The melody to Paris Morton Music has that modern day Peanuts vibe to it. I do appreciate the fact that this song was short and the verse had just enough facts in it to make it worthy of a good listen.

For an album that I wasn’t expecting much from I think that it’s a solid project. I think the intro really set the pace to the album and the tracks that followed got better. I can’t say that I hear much growth from Drake, it’s like you really have to pay close attention to hear that growth. In my opinion there’s maybe 3 or 4 songs that could have been left off and I would be raving over the album then. I do appreciate that there were minimal guest appearances and the ones that he did have all came to do their thang. I think that he carried over some of those virtuous tracks from Take Care. He revealed a bit more about who he is and the things that still haunt him and some of the issues he is dealing with. One thing I can say is that this album definitely embodies that TORONTO feel, kudos.
Rating (for those just need a rating): 7.0/10
My fav 3 Songs: Wu-Tang Forever, Too Much, Pound Cake

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