Crazy Verse: Action Bronson – Bon Voyage

This is probably one of my top 10 favorite Bam Bam songs so far. His verses are comical but at the same time very descriptive and that’s why I enjoy listening to his music. Hats off to Statik Selektah for the production. Peep this verse

As the ganja gets evaporated
tellin all these b#tches beep me cause I’m activated
rockin ’97 Max’s with the double bubble wrapped around the bottom
old gold twisted like the cap that’s on the bottle
mash on the throttle, Swiss shoe expose the ankle
Swiss chocolate lay up in the bed like a blanket
ready to Smang it, smash it and bang it
no mo fruit punch in the crib so I guess I’ll have to ‘tang it
young Bronson, blade runner, rutger hauer
sticky fingers cause that’s what I use to crush the sour
suede shoe like the natives in the tee-pee
22 drop Z3 get off the pee pee
beep beep twist the Laser key press the clutch
shift into the gear, give gas then I hit the dutch
my mind is diamond have you feelin like you sniff the dust
we coming heavy so you better have ya shit to bust

That’s that Flushing Queens sh#t.

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