My 4 Favorite Songs off of Capital Cities’ ‘In A Tidal Wave of Mystery’

I’m always listening to different music, searching for that energy that meshes perfectly with mine. Lately I have been scrolling through Capital Cities’ In A Tidal Wave of Mystery’ and just grooving to some of the songs up there. I think that it’s a good album to stream if you are working, studying, or just chillin out. Not every song is as strong as the next but it will satisfy your thirst for the moment. So here’s the songs that I can’t wait to hear while listening to the album.

Safe And Sound

This song just has that feel good vibe to it. The bass is pumping and makes it so the listener can feel carefree if only for the moment. I love when that horn comes in, it just does something for me. There is a bridge in the production that plays during one of verses which is something you don’t hear often then an actual full bridge follows after that, interesting. Not much to the lyrics of the song but its so easy to listen to that I really don’t care much about what is being said.

I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo

That vocal sample at the beginning of the song is real 80’s, right up my alley. That synth makes your shoulders want to move. This song can definitely be played at a house party, not a rowdy one but more like a dinner party. What I love about this is that it has so many different parts to it and each part wasn’t overly played. Somebody getting busy on that trumpet at the end of the song.

Farrah Fawcett Hair ft. Andre 3000

Would I be a bandwagon fan if I said that I only listened to this song initially because I saw that Andre 3000 was on it? But then you listen to it and you find out quickly it’s not 3000 that makes this song what it is, its more about Capital Cities. When they sing in harmony they take the song up to another level. The falling of the synth during the “I like it when…” portion is simply remarkable. When the tempo of the song slows down it immediately made my face screw up. Kudos to Capital Cities.

Lazy Lies

When I first heard this song I know that I played it back to back at least 6 times. The introduction was so harmonic and it brought some calm to my soul. What’s even more impressive is that the lyrics are full of emotion. You can tell that the vocalist is singing from a place of comfort or discomfort depending on which lyrics you pick up on. I also enjoy that the song doesn’t do a 360 and turn into something that was pop like. The energy level is just right.

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