Crazy Verse: Pharrell – US Placers

vOne of his better verses.

Pharrell verse on US Placers

I, any spelling bitch come on that’s me
I bring a burning sensation to the urban eye
Like an eye-drop of turpentine
You can listen to the serpent, fine
But the earth got gas once it burps its fine
Someone around me they talk about degrees
Not GHG, how to cook a quarter key
Talking all nasal, he ain’t over that cold
No glove, scrub, man he just over that stove
Perfect paradigm, wrong place, wrong time
Should have been Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline
Number one chemist
Look at him no blemish
Egg shell off white like a DuPont finish
Young, dumb, high strung, who could handle us
I wonder how God’s gon’ paint todays canvasses
Cause who knew that day that man would just
Go to VA with a Tec and spray campuses
What a way to see the cover of Time
I know that nigga wish he was standing in line
To see it… as if he didn’t do it

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