The Favs: Top 5 Chance The Rapper Songs (So Far)


22 Off’s

When that Whatnauts sample comes in it makes my face get extremely screwed. The production reeks of funk! It’s so pure how he gives respect to them in the first bar of the song. I like how he flips the word “off” not just the play on the word but how he makes it relate to things he was going through in his life back then.  The way he spits you can tell that he had so much confidence in every word.  It’s clever how he makes lite of a situation that seems to be intense with his character being confronted by the officer.

“They told me to go on and rock-it, I told them that it’s lift-off”

Everybody’s Something

The first few bars he takes you on a journey that is like a rollercoaster of words that he wove together perfectly.  The production is simple but just enough to glorify the soulful feel that is put out by the verses. The 2nd verse was just as tough as the first verse. I love that chorus. When Saba comes in you get that instant serge of energy. I haven’t heard a song where everybody’s verse was flawless in a while. I’m glad that BJ’s contributions were mainly backing up the chorus and ending the song. This is a song that is definitely on the Top 25 Most Played playlist on my pod.

“and why God phone die every time that I call on him, if his son had twitter wonder if I would follow him”

Long Time (Ikaz remix)

This is the song that made me realize that he is taking a huge leap of faith by initially sharing a lot about himself with the listener. You can hear the agony in his voice in the first verse and throughout the rest of the song.  The way he just goes to work on the chorus is remarkable. I like how he uses the first verse to send a message to someone that he lost that was a major part of his and the second verse reflects on the moment when he lost that person. He shows that he is vulnerable. The original production is alright but what Ikaz did for the remix just worked better for delivering the message of the song. He injected more soul into it.

“I saw your reflection in a toilet full of vomit water, you’ll think I felt your hand on my head yelling call his father, but people don’t hear ghost, so how they play me?”

Brain Cells

This song made me respect him as a lyricist. The intro is just an avalanche of tumbling words. You have to listen to it over and over again to make sure you understand what he is saying. This is another where to packs in a ton of information into a few bars.  I think this song should be called Brain Cells not because of burning brain cells from doing stupid but because it captures your mind and allows you to have one of those moments like “wow did he just say that….the way he said it was bonkers”.  Kudos to Pete Cottontale for that lucrative production. The keys were not overly played and the ton from the organ was perfectly blended.

“I can write a FUCKING BOOK not a Kama Sutra”


What a way to start a verse. The sound affects in the background are what made the song sound more powerful. It amazes me how he manages to put the words that he chooses to use on this beat and he doesn’t sound off beat or out of place. Yall know when Bam Bam come in it only gets funnier; GET BACK TO THE CHOPPER, lmao. They both do an excellent job at being very descriptive. Their words help to paint a picture in the listener’s mind.  The production is on point too with the guitar loop. The producer manages to sneak in a whining synth in the background, nice!

“lickitty slipped on a shell from peeling banana splits back give me my kitkat”


Acid Rain – Imagine Chance just writing all of his honest thoughts in a journal, thats exactly how this track comes off. This is why i like Chance and those who can slow down and make something like this that is above any and everything he’s done thus far. These lyrics may touch your soul. Jake One, smh. Round of applause for that beat.

22 Offs – The sleepy sample, the verse, the quotables. After all the craziness and subpar singing in other tracks, Chance can actually rap and he has the ability to add some clever humor throughout. 22 Offs is what I like to hear from him. It made me jump on the Chance bandwagon.

Prom Night – “Graduation night, teacher ferris bueller’d my name.” lol. This joint is like a musical and again, Chance is showcasing his skills as an MC. How can you not bump this all day? Its different. This one would have made a nice video.

Juice – The flow changes numerous times over the Sesame Street sounding production and then the chorus brings the crazy energy. I got the juice, I got the juiiiccceeee. Oh yeah, the Lakers line didnt hurt either 🙂 The video in NYC was random kind of like this track. As I think Chance is still finding his sound, this fits Chance just right.

F*ck You Tahm Bout – “we got you throwing tantrums when you coulda thrown a tassel, haaaa!”  This track just get me hype, thats about it. Plenty quotables. The track’s feel was not what I expected from an artist like him but he managed to pull it off while staying true to himself. “I hit you wit a 6 piece,!”  “dont ask me for no ID, b$tch im f&cking signed out”

Download Acid Rap and 10 Day

Whats in your top 5?

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