Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights Mixtape Review

Joey-Badass-Summer-Knights-art1999 was cool. 2nd time around for Joey. Lets get into it…

True emcees write a verse and rehearse it a million times
Just for the rebirth of a feelin’ prime and golden

A laid back first track where the wordplay is fighting my brain to take the show from the ill production. Nice intro. Props for the Juice sound bite at the end.

Hilary Swank
After years of constructing they start assumptions
So I keep my circumference of deep fried friends like dumplings


One of my favorite beats up here that sounds more like him just freestyling. The lyrics are there but that beat, nothing like a minimal sample with a busy drum loop underneath. My head is nodding like above.

My Youth
Each day weighs out enlightenment
Niggas blacked out cause I got ultra violent
Now my wave lengths to the radio waves
Still keep it under pavements but not a ratio change

Collie Buddz completes this track with a nice quick chorus. The verses from Joey are worthy of a crazy verse post. Dope joint.

Death of YOLO
This production is straight from 1992, probably on cassette. Smoke DZA’s verse was on point, he delivered. This song is heard best while cruising down the highway, loving the vibe.

Right on Time
They say sex is the weapon
Love is really a war

A smooth tune dedicated to his lady. Its deep without sounding too lovey dovey. Chorus gets annoying after some listens. The beat is another jazzy groove. Plenty of quotables. I can see some inspiration from Meth and Mary.

Sweet Dreams
There’s 47 ways to get this green
One is being an enslaved being, the other – dreaming

Mellow track thats reminds up heads that we’re stuck in the 90s whether we like it or not

47 Goonz
Slow, gritty production with some solid verses from Joey, Dirty Sanchez and Nyck Caution. This one is pretty good.

Word is Bond
She said she fell in one of them Ls, but lust don’t count
These chickens don’t love me, they love the account

The piano notes are as eerie as a Lonnie Liston jam with drums stomping over top. Joey’s flow is his strength and he rode this beat without screwing up the overall vibe. This joint has been on replay since it dropped.

Sit N Prey
My team like teenage mutants and X-men

It was ok at first but it’s growing on me. I can’t help but think of a Resurrection album track. The vibe is there.

Trap Door
Wordplay was top notch while still getting the quick story across.

It’s only one way this can work out
Drop down, I’mma give you twenty if you scurred out
You scurred now, call me the drill sergeant
Charge in the apartment like a charger compartment
I’m in the walls now, I’m wired up
So now the higher up is trying to quiet us, uh
Smoking on land, lord I light it up
Just gettin fired up, now she coming like a fire truck
She threw the towel in, score for me oh for she
Cause she keep howlin’ we showdown like shaolin
Slow down for an hour then, sink it deep into the shallow end
How you like beef girl? Keep swallowing
Your food, I’m following your mood and it’s blue and me too
But I can’t lie like I blew this green on you
I blew it on the purple fume and I know I read your mind, right
You’re bright, you want green of all types like limelight
Balance is the kiwi fused in the tunes
Third eye sight, she rodent the car with three blind mice
They chase cheese and don’t think twice
And for that, some niggas in the cut get sliced, she looking back
Now, cause she ain’t met a nigga as real in the back
Down as shack she throw it back for that, willingly
She hope I catch children
But the mag sheilding, in other words I wrap feelings

“I keep niggas on they toes so you got creases in your forces” haaaahaha

That one line had me dying (you know you secretly use to try to avoid getting creases in the foot of your air forces too). Overall, it’s a decent track.

95 Til Infinity
“This don got a cornelius fro” hahaha. You can hear more energy is the rhymes on this track, he’s dropping some good wordplay. Production is minimal, the tempo is snail-like and its kind of an afterthought because Joey’s rhymes keeps your attention the whole time.

And we smoking, toking potent herb
Preaching spoken words that might just poke your nerves
Hope you ain’t scared, my jeep go “Scrrrr”
I peep the obscured, and what ain’t normally easy to observe
I swear I’m born abnormally absurd
If I give you a piece of mind, you’ve been disorderly disturbed
That’s my word, flip similes and verbs, now I’m eating
Retreating for seconds and thirds, y’all niggas seasoned (Oh, you salty)
Don’t worry what we ate, you don’t want that plate
I combine yours with mine quake, and make the earth shake
Supernatural disaster on you half-ass rappers
Pass the herb to an actual pastor, word to the black lip bastard
That drop knowledge like a Five Percenter
Every time I drop a line, it touch like five placentas
Schooling your offspring, drop heat all spring
And stay hot for five Novembers, I think y’all niggas lost me

Amethyst Rocker
A change in tempo is welcomed by MF Doom. The sample is some Saturn skating on the rings type of feel. 1st verse was was nice, 2nd was maybe Kirk Knight’s best verse up here.

Since a kid, i been on a musical odyssey…

And it ain’t to hard to be famous, whats hard is sustaining
Remaining the same when stuff changing

Get into the mind of Joey as he talk about being on the come up while not losing himself. Mature verses with a dope sample. 

Sorry Bonita
Oddisee on the beat – its nice. Crew cut. 8 verses. I don’t know all these guys but a couple were pretty good, most were just ok.

Pure thoughts about his late friend Capital STEEZ. It feels something like a confessional to me. Whatever you may think, the lyrics are deep.

This has been a banger since it dropped. Premo and Joey was the perfect match.

This tape is strictly for my “stuck in the 90s niggaz” as Nas said in Locomotive. The majority of production is jazzy and mellow. I like this overall batch of beats better then his last project. Through the voice and flow, Joey is dropping plenty wisdom and getting out some curious thoughts while twisting it into homonyms, homophones, etc – this keeps your attention. You can let this ride all the way through, the mood stays mostly consistent throughout. All tracks weren’t great, plenty were, but none are terrible. I can definitely see growth from 1999. Summer Knights is simply dope beats and dope rhymes – what more do you want? Download it.

Top 3 Favs – 95 Til Inifinity, Death of YOLO, Hilary Swank

One thought on “Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights Mixtape Review

  1. Death of YOLO is so smooth!…I’m still not sure about this joey bada$$

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