My 4 Favorite Songs off of Capital Cities’ ‘In A Tidal Wave of Mystery’

I’m always listening to different music, searching for that energy that meshes perfectly with mine. Lately I have been scrolling through Capital Cities’ In A Tidal Wave of Mystery’ and just grooving to some of the songs up there. I think that it’s a good album to stream if you are working, studying, or just chillin out. Not every song is as strong as the next but it will satisfy your thirst for the moment. So here’s the songs that I can’t wait to hear while listening to the album. Continue reading

Chance the Rapper – Everybody’s Something

Probably my favorite track off Acid Raps, been waiting for a video for this thing to drop. “on the mic like it’s a dick”…lmaoooo

Piero Piccioni – It’s Possible

Every once in a while thru listening to Tyler the Creator’s music I will be lead to listen to another artist and most of the time that artist has some sh#t that matches what I’m searching for. This time Tyler the Creator has put me on to this song, he mentioned it in an interview that I was watching today.