Missed Opportunity: 5 Songs That Should’ve Been A Hit

shouldvebeenahitThere have been countless times that I have put on the A&R/record executive hat and say what should have been a single for an artist. Some songs are just THAT good and the world needs to hear it. I pay attention to the choices these labels make regarding album singles. Back then, it used to be that the single would showcase what the artist is all about, the best song was the single. It’s pretty much the opposite now. For whatever reason, these songs didn’t have enough mass appeal to make it to the #1 spot but they could have. Some great songs shot themselves in the foot and killed any chance of it being a #1 hit.  There are countless variables that played a part with each track but these are 5 tracks that should have been a hit….at least the ones I can think of at the present moment.

J.Cole “2012”

Instead of releasing the same tempo / same feel type of single, release this track “2012”. “Workout” was a hit and miss, “Can’t Get Enough” was a foul ball but this is some true Star Trek dance night type of music. Cole hasn’t recorded something like this since he been known to the public (this track was supposedly recorded in 2008). I think this one would crossover but its one of those tracks I wouldn’t be mad at because its good music and of course, he repping the ‘ville. Maybe it wasnt the right timing as it was the world’s introduction to Jermaine Cole.

Cam’ron “I Hate My Job”

“I got my check, now I’m feeling disrespected (what the f**k!?)” who can’t relate to that? For those who want to vent on their employment situation, they press play on this. A humorous jam that spoke on real issues a lot people were dealing with. This joint was released one week and the next, it was forgotten pretty much. I saw that a youtube commenter had similar thoughts, “this song was way ahead of its time b, shit drops now and its a hit”. Agreed.

Lil Wayne “Comfortable” ft Babyface

Beautiful airy strings crafted by Kanye West with Lil Wayne and Babyface composing a groovy ass tune. Every time I bump this joint, I ask myself the same question “Why wasnt this a smash hit!?!?!, this my joint!” Only thought I came up with was maybe it was too similar to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”? Remember TLC No Scrubs then sporty thieves came out with No Pigeons? It did very well riding that TLC wave. The four singles for the Carter III – Lollipop, A Milli, Got Money, and Mrs. Officer. The first 2 took him to a new stratosphere, but the latter 2, nahhh. That ‘Comfortable’ should have been next. Even at the end, Wayne says “I got one” as if he knew it would be a hit too. Damn, missed opportunity? Hell yes. One day we will find out why.

Game “Red Nation”

Its 5 seconds left in the game during march madness and a team calls timeout. A certain melody comes on that everyone in the building starts mimicking. Sounds like a funky kazoo, honestly. I’ve heard it hundreds of times, Zombie Nation – Kenkraft 400. There was no reason for this not to blow but for some some reason it didnt. The video was banned by BET and MTV – too many gang references, things just didnt go right for this one. Nonetheless, a nice track from The Game.

Jadakiss “Keep Ya Head Up”

Ann Nesby and Jadakiss, nuff said. Remixing a classic jam. I was a little shorty in the backseat back when the original came out, my head was moving then as it still does today to this track. The lyrics were inspirational and the bassline kept you grooving. Easily the most conscious track on Kiss Tha Game Goodbye, maybe this track would have helped this album sell more as “Why” did for him 3 years later.

Feel free to add to the list, what other jams should have been hits but weren’t for some reason.

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