Lebron Life Lesson Learned from a Rap Lyric

So I was watching SportsCenter this morning and during some point of the show they were talking about the battle that is going to go down between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat tonight. They talked about matchup and all of the possibilities but of course the attention then turned to Lebron James. Something was said about how a lot of people are no longer routing against him and they wanting the story ending finishes which is kind of reasonable. Then they went into how Lebron has turned himself around and “rehabilitated” his image from The Decision. I had no problem with them talking about him turning his game around but I was rubbed the wrong way when they brought up The Decision again.

It always pisses me off when people say that The Decision ruined his image and he had to gain the fans respect back. Hold up! FOH with that shit. This man did nothing wrong by making a decision to go to a place where he had the best chance to win a ring. I think that most of the hatred for Lebron came from Ohio, which is kind of logical. But my whole thing has been that if Lebron held a press conference tomorrow and said “I want to take my talents back to Cleveland” those fans would automatically accept his decision, cue a big fat dick for all of those dickriders. The jerseys would probably sell out and something special would be held upon his return. It’s a given that they would take him otherwise why are you even trying to compete with a team of players that are slightly better than the D-League All-Star team, oxymoron. You would just look stupid professional wise and economically.

What I have not understood this whole time was where did the hatred stem from? Where people displeased with Lebron playing with Chris Bosh, who is not the same player he was, and Dwayne Wade, who is not the same player he was. And oh yea, I didn’t hear any bitching with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin “punk ass” Garnett were ballin. Besides no great player has ever won big without the help from some pretty good players (i.e. Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Jordan, Kobe, etc). I dislike when people bring up the introduction event that they had for the big 3 in Miami. And people always talk about Lebron saying that they will win not 1,2,3…but 7 rings and they take that shit to heart like it’s a promise. My question to them is what was the last “pep rally” that you went to that the team was like “yea we are going to try to make the playoffs, we might not. Yea we don’t have dreams of winning a championship. Yea we are going to lose, oh but you’re going to see some great dunks yayyyyyyy!”. It’s a freakin PEP RALLY folks. If you don’t have team members with such confidence then you have absolutely no chance of winning shit.

Another thing that makes me look at people with a FOH face when they diss The Decision is that Lebron’s decision to do the show primarily came from the fact that he wanted to raise awareness for the Boys & Girls Club. I believe the show also raised some funds for the Boys and Girls Club as well, don’t quote me on that though. So all of a sudden people care more about the decision of one athlete than helping the kids.

My theory about why the sudden flooding of hatred occurred for Lebron is that hope was instantly swept from under the fans of the Cavaliers. All hope of getting a championship was eliminated. Well to tell you the truth, they were probably not going to get a championship anyways especially seeing teams like Miami, New York, and Indiana. No chance whatsoever. This is where I want to connect a rap lyric to the lesson that Lebron should take from all of this, one of many lessons of course. This particular lyric comes from Jay-Z’s “Regrets”, sucks that the song title is that because I don’t think the Decision was regretful. The is lyric is…

“you was right niggas want you to be miserable with them”

It’s a harsh reality that happens but I think that line was at the root of all of the bad things that we saw on tv, with the burning of the jersey, trash talk from the fans, the Jordan one man can win it all mirage comparison, etc. I can go on all day about this because it’s a sore subject for me. But I feel that if the Cavs really wanted a championship that they would have set up a team that could accomplish that and stopped gassing Lebron to be the only player with the weight on his shoulders. Here’s my closing statement.

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