Chuck Inglish – Droptops EP (album review)

The release of this project kind of caught me by surprise. Now the first thing that pops in my head is will his solo album, Convertibles, still drop on May 31st?? I sure hope so because When Fish Ride Bicycles left a sour taste in my mouth. Chuck usually doesn’t drop any mixtapes except for instrumentals so my expectations for this project were a collage of singles that he released over the past year. Nevertheless it deserves some attention.

Transmission (Intro)

The perfect way to start off the album with an intro that matches the theme. After the initial sound excerpt you get that surge of synths and that thump! That shaking sound provides the right melody to get your shoulders bouncing. This that Chuck Inglish sound that we all enjoy listening to. Progressive but still funky.

Back Up (remix) ft. Travis Scott
This that Cool Kids sound, with that zooming sound effect in the background. I like how the beat switched up for Travis Scott’s verse.

“rappin a$$ nigga in that little a$$ jacket”

I enjoyed Travis’ verse because it sounded like he put more effort in creating it. I still enjoyed Chuck’s verse too. His verse stuck to the theme of the project. Listen Here

For The Love ft. Asher Roth

That drum pattern automatically gets you in the mood to chill out to this tune. The keys help to glorify the vibe of the session.

“Olympic trial did the gold medal everything”

I like how the bridge is basically a moment for the production to shine. Asher comes in with that classic Lark on My Go-Kart feel. This song surely revolves around the theme of them doing what they do for the love of it. Definitely a head bobber.

Four 12’s ft. Da$h & Retch
That machine that he uses to produce these beats must be a gold mine for drum patterns. The descriptions that he used in his verse helped the listener to visualize the picture that he was wanting to share. This that Jeeps and Suzuki music right here.

“ran into Macy’s and copped a lo”

lmao. I liked how he let the beat play out for the ending of the song. Listen here.

Keith Sweat ft. DJ Izzo & Sulaiman
The whining sound in the background of the song pretty much ruined the listening experience for me. Chuck’s verse was tough though. You can tell that is a random filler song. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the theme of the album. The cuts at the end of the song were bonkers.

Contact ft. Buddy
This song sounds like something that Polyester The Saint would make. It’s got that suave sound to it. Kind of classy but ghetto at the same time. This song is a decent attempt to connect with the female fans. Buddy was just str8, that’s its. Chuck helped the overall song with his verse. It would have been better if Buddy was just on the chorus and that’s it. Probably a skippable song.


Turn up your subwoofers to the max! He uses his verse to describe his experience riding around in something tough!

“puttin 100’s, 50’s, 20’s in a knot in my sock
triple that I put a band in my Ewing shoe box”

This is a song that you can cruise to or chill out to. I like how that spooky sound comes in and plays during the chorus.

“on the block with a Robert Horry jersey from the Rockets”

lmao, you gotta be kidding me.

TanGerine ft. Aston Matthews & Kashflow Da God
I hate that sound at the beginning of the song. This particular song I would probably skip because the intro sucked and it’s hard to catch the vibe of the song.

“it’s 501’s with tall tees to tuck the torch”

Tough! I haven’t heard much from the two featuring artists but I will not hesitate listening to their music if I come across it in the future.

Dangerous ft. Jane Jupiter & Buddy
Something to put you in that 1980’s groove, curl juice running down your forehead. This song could use some hand claps and then it would be officially old school.

“all black dice in a c-lo game”

Thank Buddy for not being all up in the verses. Jane Jupiter definitely elevated the song to the next level. I want to know what Chuck was listening to before he produced this track. That Atari sound during the bridge was just perfect.

5 thoughts on “Chuck Inglish – Droptops EP (album review)

  1. I love this guys beats, they just put you in that captures your imagination. I love the intro and the action branson feature

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