Gilbere Forte – Pray (Album Review)

I have been waiting for this project to drop for a few weeks ever since I heard the lead song off of this project. I’m hoping for something groovy and different. I’m a new fan of Gilbere Forte’s and this review should be totally unbiased. So let’s see what we’re working with here.
The Awakening

What a beautiful sound to start a song off with. Sounds like something Arabic. Ain’t it crazy how the song suddenly switches pace. It sounds so mysterious that you are drawn into the story that he is telling. The background vocalist reminds me of The Weeknd or JMSN. The voicemail excerpt even reminds me of the intro to Priscilla. I have no idea what was said at the end of the song but it was blended just right.

Nolita ft. Active Child
It’s kind of ironic how the voicemail in the previous song sounded like the woman was wanting to connect with Gilbere Forte and now this song is mostly about reminiscing about times spent with the woman. The pitch of the vocalist in the chorus kind of bothers me, I can’t decide if I like it or not. The bridge with the screwed voice was managed very well. For a fairly new artist I think that the composition of this song is excellent. It’s beyond your normal verse, chorus, verse type of format.

Bass heavy! I like how he proceeds to go in with so much energy. This song purges hip hop and electronic music. The build ups are so well placed throughout the song and they are not overly played.

“p#ssy runs the world, put your track suit on”

The verses are mostly conversational, especially the second verse where he connects with a woman who seems to be lost.

This that workout music right here. The amount of energy injected into the song from the start is just ridiculous. The melody provokes your head to bob.

“the future calling my phone, angels all on that voicemail, daddy please come home”

The verses in this song are mostly about boasting. At some point you could probably classify this song in the dance genre. It just has that feel, similar to a Flo-rida song without the generic techno sound.


Now this is how you should start a song. The lyrics are so relentless and confident. Kudos to RAAK for that sampluer, sounds like he took a portion off of one of Rihanna’s songs. Around the 1:26 Gilbere’s flow reminds me of Pretty Flacko’s. That “every single night” voice chop was perfection. The lyrics of this song contain just a little bit of hope, it sounds more like ambition to say the least.

Streets Stay Crashing
Another song with a mysterious vibe to it. It’s a good vibe that entraps your mind into the song. The tempo of the guitar notes are fast and then when that bass comes in at a slower tempo that’s when things are set. I was surprised how long the vocalist portion lasted but that’s different and it was managed very well. You can tell that he took his time to make this song. Great care was taken with the timing of the sounds and the length of the verses. The ending was so excellent! Kudos!

Down for the Ride

Kind of reminds me of something that Drizzy and 40 would do mostly because of the low pass filter and the harmonizing. The words in the lyrics are motivating and they definitely bring the listener along for the ride. The cutting in and out of the beat during a small portion of the song was done perfectly along with his flow. This song should be a single IMO. I like how you kind of get a glimpse into the early 2000’s with that Timbaland deep voice talking throughout the chorus. Definitely a head bobber.

Double Cupped
Another low pass filter was used at the beginning of this song. That singing in the background helped to set the mood. This song definitely captures the vibe you get when you double cupped up! The lyrics reflect on moments when he was messing with a woman in his past.

“I know it’s hard being single, when your body got a million eyes on it”

I enjoyed his flow on the last verse, it’s a bit faster and the words are doubled up.

Forever Sin ft. Active Child
The intro to this song kind of threw me for a loop. This song is obviously slower than the previous songs, so with that the energy level changes as well. The words are more of a message to a woman who he has a relationship with in some manner. I enjoy how the end of the song played out though.

Fall For Nothing ft. Nylo
The pumping of the bass helped to lift up the song to the level that best entrapped the listener’s ears. I can’t help to say it again but that background vocalist reminds me of The Weeknd. The distortion portion of the song was pretty witty and I appreciate that type of addition to the song. Respect for RAAK and Ghost Loft for that ending. The removal of the bassline was perfection. Gilbere Forte just let his words breathe at the end of the song. Just a little something for people to remember you by.

As a new fan and first time listen I would have to say that Gilbere Forte’s “Pray” is candidate for mixtape of the year. The energy injected into the songs was at such a level that you really couldn’t stop bobbing your head. Even though the two slower songs were near the end of the project they only helped to dampen your head bob. It’s been a while since I’ve heard such consistency throughout a whole project from a new artist. I would have to compare this project to the first time I heard Kendrick Lamar’s “Section 80”. I think what helped it be so good was that it was short and only the best songs made the cut. Nothing really sounded like a filler. What Gilbere Forte and Raak bring to the music is different from what’s out there now and I don’t believe you can find such a sound anywhere else. I have to reiterate that it sounded like the perfect blend of hip hop, electronic, and chillwave music. I found it smart that Gilbere only sung the choruses that he knew he would sound right on and left other choruses to the vocalist who only helped to elevate the song. I am genuinely impressed and I highly recommend PRAY for a download and rapid sync to the pod. It’s hard to put a rating to this since I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I will be on the lookout for future projects from Gilbere Forte and Raak.

3 thoughts on “Gilbere Forte – Pray (Album Review)

  1. I’m loving the first track..its sounds like Clams Casino would do. Production of the album is tops. This dude is underrated

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