Halftime Show

Kia NBA Countdown - November 2, 2012

Imagine you’re watching the halftime show with the NBA Countdown crew and they introduce Cameron Giles to perform this joint out the blue. I always wished that would happen since way back when I first heard this tune – Cam would just randomly interrupts Sportscenter or something. With all the sports references, ESPN needs to make this happen and bring Cam up to Bristol. Ok maybe not, wishful thinking from me. Still, its a nice flip of the ESPN theme and Cam ripped it.

Cam’ron – Halftime Show

This now reminds me of that freestyle from JR Writer on the NBA on NBC beat (alot of people went in on that one)

J.R. Writer – Welcome To Dipset

I think someone remixed the NFL on CBS theme too but I cant think of who that was at the moment.


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