Sound so soulful…

Now this is what I’m talking bout.

Lebron Life Lesson Learned from a Rap Lyric

So I was watching SportsCenter this morning and during some point of the show they were talking about the battle that is going to go down between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat tonight. They talked about matchup and all of the possibilities but of course the attention then turned to Lebron James. Something was said about how a lot of people are no longer routing against him and they wanting the story ending finishes which is kind of reasonable. Then they went into how Lebron has turned himself around and “rehabilitated” his image from The Decision. I had no problem with them talking about him turning his game around but I was rubbed the Continue reading

Chuck Inglish – Droptops EP (album review)

The release of this project kind of caught me by surprise. Now the first thing that pops in my head is will his solo album, Convertibles, still drop on May 31st?? I sure hope so because When Fish Ride Bicycles left a sour taste in my mouth. Chuck usually doesn’t drop any mixtapes except for instrumentals so my expectations for this project were a collage of singles that he released over the past year. Nevertheless it deserves some attention. Continue reading

8 Million Stories: The LOX – The Heist (Part 1)

mprThe story of a planned robbery by Styles and Jadakiss. It plays out like a true action movie, you can see the visual through your speakers. Details are given by Jada and Styles tag teams when the robbery begins, but all of sudden the robbery takes a sudden turn…

Sadly, we never got a Part 2.

The LOX – The Heist

At the table sayin’ a prayer holdin’ hands
And we got two stolen Benz everything’s according to plans
If anybody in the fam gets pinched
Don’t worry ’bout your kids control your wench
Don’t worry ’bout the money it’s gon’ get rinsed
And don’t worry ’bout me I won’t approach the bench
Now let’s roll out and get that paper retho
It might look easy but it’s not sweet though Continue reading

Realest Sh** T.I. Ever Wrote

“mistakes made on this road to wealth, I still aint forgave myself”

This was my introduction to Clifford “T.I.” Harris. It’s the first T.I. song I remember hearing. It’s from his first album, I’m Serious, track 2. Til this day, its still the truest, thought-provoking, honest record T.I. has ever recorded. T.I. got plenty of nice records but this one just does for me. As soon as you hear those sinister piano notes start the track, you know its going to be a different track. In a day where alot of rappers bend the truth to make themselves look/sound better than they really are, you can feel that T.I., especially on this record, is giving it to the listener straight up. Continue reading