As most of you probably do not know, I am a huge Motorsports enthusiasts. My passion for motorsports overshadows my passion for music. But sometimes I find a bit of music in the world of motorsports that I normally wouldn’t seek out. I have been watching the documentary about Ayrton Senna entitled “Senna” non-stop. It brings motivation and inspiration to my aspirations. During the movie there is a scene capturing a celebration in Brasil and Senna is in attendance and a beautiful song is playing during the scene. I knew that I had to find this song and download it and share it with you all. I can’t recall the method that I used to find the song but I know for sure that it wasn’t included on the soundtrack for the movie nor the credits. Either way I found the song I would like for you to listen to it and hopefully enjoy it.
Otto ft. Bebel Gilberto – Bob

The song was playing at the perfect moment and I would like to tip my hat to whomever decided to place that song in the movie and whoever found it. If you haven’t seen Senna I highly recommend you doing so.

2 thoughts on “Senna!!

  1. Nice Find there buddy!! Great song indeed, fits in perfectly with the scene.

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