My Time At The Park Today

photo (3)
Well this morning I was doing my usual Sunday routine and I stopped at the local coffee shop to get me some morning goodness. And as I sat their taking some sips I looked around and saw people just on laptops. You have to realize that it was a nice day in the new england area, we’ll take whatever we can get at this point. In other words it was a nice day to be outside and enjoying the weather. It was crazy how barely anyone was dressed for the weather and I instantly thought about that Tyler the Creator line:

In a world where kids my age are popping mollies with leather
Sitting on Tumblr, never outside or enjoying the weather
Can name a sweater, but not a talent or don’t know if whether
Or not they got one, tried to change their life for the better

That was the perfect line to match what I saw and was thinking. So I made a promise to myself that I would enjoy this day and at some point make it out to the park.

So I finally made it to the park today after the games went off and shot around a bit. No one was out there, so I kind of felt like Tom Shepard, fortunately I had a ball lol. During the whole time I was out there only two songs came to mind and they kept playing over and over in my head and I can’t explain why. The first was…

“used to kill niggas with Griffey’s on playgrounds”

The other song that kept playing through my head was this one and it fit the moment almost perfectly. Enjoy!

Do you remembeerrrrrr???
Just thought I would share my thoughts about my experience today.

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