Discovering Oddisee in Food Lion

flionThis is starting to become common for me – discovering sample in random stores. This particular time I was in Food Lion picking up some groceries when I heard some familiar notes over the speaker system in the store (these store songs are usually terrible) that I just knew I heard before. The track was too funky and my head is bobbing as I pushed the cart down the aisle. Think, think, think, think! My mind’s blank then the sound bite comes around again, I realize it has to be Curtis Mayfield and the sound I heard on an Oddisee instrumental album, Traveling Man. I had to pull out the the Google Sound Search (it works pretty damn well) to identify the actual track. The song was Curtis Mayfield – Can’t Say Nothing


I get to the car and immediately thumb through the 24 Traveling Man tracks on my pod and BOOM! #21 “Chicago” is it! Traveling Man is an album with a wide variety of sounds that I want to know the samples for so knocking out Chicago and Tokyo is a start, I guess. Nothing like the feeling of catching samples on the fly.  Shout out to whoever put that track in the Food Lion playlist. Get a listen.

Curtis Mayfield – Cant Say Nothing (go to 2:31)

Oddisee – Chicago

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