Chance The Rapper – Smoke Again ft. Ab-Soul

Save Money and Soulo-hoe!

Crazy Verse: Killer Mike – Snappin and Trappin

mikeKiller Mike’s debut verse from Stankonia (2000).

1st Verse from Snappin’ and Trappin’

Our shit don’t mix like yay and lukewarm water
Better make it hotter splash ice and watch it rock up
I oughta duct tape your infant daughter
Show soldier ass niggas
I’m murder city’s Sargeant Slaughter
Guaranteed to get more cut than a barber
I betcha I’ll drill your heifer like Black & Decker
The pussy wrecker and White Water couldn’t get it wetter
I’m guaranteed to leave her swiss cheese for more cheddar
I give a fuck, suede bucks and Coogi sweaters
What’s up? Whatever sable fur to lamb leather
I’ve seen it all in the trap with fitted caps for cold weather
With creased denim threats delivered when I send ’em
Nigga know I, FedEx my shit, overnight express my shit
Deliver my hits quick, who next on my shit list
Banana niggas need to split
Quit fucking with this thorough Atlanta click
This here is Slum Lordz we make your terrific shit tragic
My pen and pixel make violence more graphic
I take raw coke, cook it crack, saran wrap it
One muthafuckin’ verse and it’s already a classic(x2)
Killer Mike nigga!


kevGentrification is a beat from Kev Brown made and Oddisee happened to spit over back in the day. First time I heard it, i was consumed by the airy sample chops. The way its chopped is just amazing to me and even thought Oddisee ripped this joint speaking about gentrification in areas of DC where he was raised, Kev Brown’s beat owned the show. I cant find the instrumental but I did find it on Kev Brown’s Commentary Vol 2 where he talks about the beat making process and how the track came to be. Some pretty interesting stuff… Continue reading