Me and Joell Ortiz’s Short Time At UPS

upsMy stint at the big brown was very short lived, working graveyard shift loading those big trucks during the summer months was definitely an experience. Not the greatest job I’ve had but hey, you got to get a paycheck from somewhere. I thought that was the end of that until a few years back hearing a Joell Ortiz verse that basically outlined his experience at UPS which coincidently was mine as well. Haha, who would’ve thought?

“but ahh man theres this pain thats inside my back, ill be standing there out of nowhere it feel like i’ll collapse”

A physically painful experience for him along with a boss that he dislikes. I wanted to hear more about this and I ended up finding a little excerpt from a Complex interview where he gave small details on his stint:

“Plymouth was sellin’ weed [Laughs]. That was the first car I ever bought for hustlin’ in the street. And the Mercury was from other hustles as well. Both were from illegitimate means. I’ve had a job for one week in my life. I worked for UPS for a week, and I took that check and invested it into the streets.”

Salute to all UPS employees but obviously this job wasnt for myself or Joell Ortiz. Get a listen.

Joell Ortiz – Bout My Money (1st verse)

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