Kaddie Lak – Grey Skies

Grey $kies Cover Art
I’m going to fess up right now and admit that I rarely check our email but tonight I decided to see what’s in the goody box out of curiosity. We receive a lot of request every day, which we greatly appreciate, but one stood out to me today. An artist named Kaddie Lak, the name stood out to me because that’s what we sometimes call NC, my home state. If someone is going to take on that name then I need to make sure they aren’t abusing it with some garbage music. I can say that I was surprised when I heard this song because I wasn’t expecting something this groovy, peep.

That production sounds like something Clams Casino would make. Kudos! I will definitely be on the lookout for Kaddie Lak’s next project CAC: The Re-Up

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