Good Read: My Life According to Phonte Series

The Minstrel Showback]So far only 2 parts posted but these posts are personal and good to see. Tapping into his college journey and his discovery of Little Brother, David D. from TSS breaks down his love for Phonte’s muisc and how it affected his life. Im sure we all can relate to a Phonte line or two, he raps for the regular guys out here like you and me. One of the lines I remember to this day that motivated me years back was…

“I take this sh!t personally / Im making moves but this treadmill lifestyle aint working for me…”

A bar or two can do so much good to the soul. Check out the series. Enjoy your Sunday, folks.

The Bronson Burger!!

Initially when I first heard people talking about Action Bronson cooking I was like Ok maybe it’s something that he mentioned in a song. After a few more mentions of his cooking in interviews I had to look it up and BOOM there it was, this figga in the kitchen getting busy. This thang had me rollin.

Nardwuar vs Flatbush Zombies

Nardwuar does his thing with Juice, Meech, and Eric. That man deserves major respects for his interviews. I have to give him credit for putting me on that Peso sample. I’m glad to see that the Zombies were respectable and down to earth unlike Joey BadA$$.