Kanye West’s “So-called” Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake diss line

So everyone has heard that Yeezy has went on a rant at his Hammersmith show and the line referring to Jay-Z’ and Justin’ “Suit & Tie”. If you haven’t already heard about it then you can peep the video, here.

What I’m not feeling is that people are pretty much saying that line, “I got love for Hov, but I ain’t fuckin with that Suit & Tie”, is a jab at Jigga and JT. A lot of media outlets are taking the whole line out of proportion and making it something that I don’t think it is. My point is that he used that line as a double entendre. My argument is that before he spat that line he blatantly said “remind me again who’s the original superfly”. I believe that he meant that he doesn’t f#ck with suits and ties, literally. Obviously he’s different from other artists when it comes to fashion and what not. The other part of my argument that Kanye didn’t take a jab at Jay-Z is that in a few lines before that moment he was talking about his dislike of the business side of the industry aka suits and ties. This is what I got out of the words he said on the stage and I didn’t take one line to mean more than people are making it out to be. Or maybe that I got it completely wrong. What do you think??

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