Currensy – New Jet City Mixtape Review


New Jet City

Did he save the best for first? Vivid descriptions over a very slow horn loop. After hearing this, your expectations for this tape will probably be high, mine was. This is the Curren$y I like to hear.

Clear f. Jadakiss

For some reason this sample remind me of In The Heat of the Night, real eery tune. This fits Currensy’s rhyme and Jadakiss….well you know how that went. He doesn’t disappoint. This track been getting a lot of the replays early.

Survival of the fittest, ni&&as need to join a gym 

Choosin f. Wiz Khalifa & Rick Ross

From the beginning, this track sounds like every other record on the radio but i like the chorus because of one new sound that comes in.  It’s alright for now, maybe it will grow on me. Ross had a good verse.

Sixteen Switches Part 2

One descriptive verse over a sleepy beat. Thats about it. Part 2 from his track on This Aint A Mixtape album.

Three 60

I like the rhyme flow used and the beat got this awkward slow / fast sample like its timing is off but it still works. Strangely, Juicy J outdid himself  with a solid verse. “And I get head like a new toupee” lol. Overall, this is a chill track to ride to.

Living For The City

[youtube! ]

Ok, the baseline is groovy as hell overshadowing the constant moaning. Only one verse again but i like it a lot.

“Driving with murder gloves in my car cause I’m killing it.”

Drive f. Young Roddy, Styles P

One of the better tracks that sounds complete. All 3 verses are good and I dig the chorus. Roddy held his own up here. Toomp is on the beat!

Bitch Get Up

Something about this track, idk what it is but i been enjoying today. The vibe is there and Juve came through with a different flow that worked. Solid track

Coolie In The Cut

Forgettable track that I turn after the first verse.



Riiiight. That sample make me think of that Smoke DZA that I was listening to other day. This one has grown on me, whoever did the beat did a good job. Ahhh mary, mary, mary

Purple Haze f. Lloyd, Trinidad James

Turned after the first verse. Some of these features getting worse as i get deeper into the tape.

These Bi$#2es f. French Montana

Dope beat but an OK track at best. That horn is crazy, I need this instrumental.

Moe Cheetah

Riding over a filtered beat as he describes the good life and money of course.

“i never been in a position where i didn’t come out winning”

New Program f. Young Roddy

Roddy ends it on the same beat as the first track providing a decent verse.


Currensy could easily make a classic, he has the skills to do so.  He has to find that right formula. I think half the features could have been left off because they didn’t add much value to the overall tape. The solo tracks were some of the best ones here. It’s not his best work but this is a good tape to add to your currensy collection. The production is decent throughout and currensy delivers mostly with his unique style of rapping.

Top 3 Fav: New Jack City, Clear, Mary

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