The Impressive Songs from Casey Veggie’s “Life Changes” Project

So I have had this “Life Changes” on heavy rotation on the pod this past week. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of young Veggies because I still think that he is hit or miss. But I do have to say that I can tell he is growing as an artist and more is put into his most recent music. I remember listening to this album when it first dropped and I can’t remember exactly where I was at the time but I do remember that it didn’t sound that bad. So I gave it another listen and pretty soon it was sync’d to the pod and receiving some praise. So here’s the songs that I think are impressive.
Life Changes ft. Phil Beaudreau

The “Always” sample from Phil Beaudreau helped to setup what was to follow. I like how Phil’s voice was used to bring that smooth feel to the production. I like how the wordplay follows the theme of the song, life changes.

“this gon’ change everything, like a child, a funeral, or a wedding ring”

If you listen carefully you can hear some soft strings in the background that help to glorify the vocal sample. I enjoy how the second verse is like a conversation and confession at the same time. What makes this song stand out compared to his previous work, this is more like a song. He took advantage of the bridges, drops, and chorus to concoct something delightful.

The swirling of the synths provide a melody that Casey Veggies was able to manage. The layering during certain portions of song using a voice that was pitched differently was rather unique. I was initially drawn to this song because of the production but after listening to it over and over I was impressed how it all came together. I admit that it’s a nice song to listen to but I still don’t know what’s it about, but that’s not a totally bad thing, i.e. Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”.


Some people say that his flow is stolen from Big Sean, I say “shut the f##k up” to those people. There’s no way Big Sean could manage a song like this. This is one of those songs to light up to and pour you a smooth glass of whiskey. Should only be listened to while in a suit. Kudos to Cardiak for that mellow production.


This is probably the song that I listen to the most off “Life Changes” besides the title track. Guess who produced this song? Oh yea THC! That sample is so pure peep,

SMH. I like how that raining soundbite was at the beginning of the song. To be honest with you, the lyrics weren’t about much, there was a lot of boasting. It’s crazy how an excellent production can drown out subpar lyrics.

I think that young Veggies is starting to find who he is as an artist and as long as he continues grow I believe that he will continue to find success. He definitely found the right producers for this project.

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