Some of my favorite 9th Wonder beats….

9th-wonderAs I did with Just Blaze, I’m going to do for 9th. Can’t do a top 10, too many to choose from but Im going to list some of my favorite that I could think of at this moment in time. To me, 9th’s strength is sample chopping. Not too many can karate chop a soul sample quite like him, he’s really one of the best at that.

buddy– the rain – The tone of the vocal sample tapped into the very slow groove is spectacular. If any could chop such a sample it would be 9th. The boom bap is simple and that is simply to let the sample breathe. Murs got this beat, he did alright – I have the song and instrumental on my pod, the latter gets all the rotation from me. The original buddy miles sample “pain” is a nice jam also.

alright – For some reason I only like to bump this when on the highways cruising at high speeds, its just the feeling I get with the smacking snares are hitting over the airy sample. I like the pieces he chose to chop and how he arranged it, it just flows well. Personally, I think Memphis Bleek’s best tracks are produced by 9th wonder and here is one of those great tracks. i need an album, guys. the vocal “I’m playing the game of oooh love…be alright!” did it for me.

rather be with you – rather be with youuuuuuuuu, he mixed the vocal and piano samples to make a groovy jam. Multiple transitions make the track remain fresh. i don’t really care for the drums here but thats minor. Im still wanting this instrumental.terry

the listening – one of my favorite beats from little brother’s debut. its somewhat of a wandering beat, meaning that the sample gives me the feeling of waiting music or museum music, but add 9th’s deep baseline and drums along with an in and out sample of Pete and C.L.’s T.R.O.Y. and this thing will have you in a daze. I could listen to this track all day.

cissyslippin – so soulfullllllll. face palm every time this thing drops. Cissy never sounded so good over an ill drum/snare pattern. every other loop ends with a baseline that adds another level of groove. this track inspired me write this post and show 9th’s work some love.

slow it down – how did he arrange this so well? no idea. The reason i like this is because of how he made it sound uniform when there were plenty of chopped pieces to choose, a masterful job. i guess he focused and took it slow? oooooooooooooooh babbbby.

scars – CUT ME DEEEEEEEP. Enough said. Smh, damn shame.


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2 thoughts on “Some of my favorite 9th Wonder beats….

  1. I like this list. I can tell you aren’t a newcomer to 9th’s production, and I like the fact that you plucked some of his more obscure material too. I’d add “Honey” by Erykah Badu; “We Got Now” by Little Brother and “Smoking my life away” by Memph Bleek just off top.

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