The Album That I Shouldn’t Have Slept on Last Year

For the past week I have been blasting The Game’s ‘Jesus Piece’ album. It’s an album that I didn’t give any notice in our Best of series for 2012. I have to admit that there’s a way that you have to listen to the album though. I was initially ignoring the album because I thought he was trying to sneak something in to show that he was still relevant due to Kendrick Lamar’s rise to fame. I really started to notice that the album was actually something nice once I got my first taste of ‘Pray‘. Such a sick sampluer and J.Cole’s feature was on point. In Ali Bomaye the effect of the voices in the sample are so powerful. Ross’ verse was boss of course.
“I take my case to trial, I had a dream team
Robert Kardashian, Johnnie Cochran, I seen things”

Them Kevin Hart skits had me rollin throughout the album. The production for the song ‘Jesus Piece’ was so energetic. I like that “aaaah ay” in the background. Hands down to Stephen Kozmeniuk and The Maven Boys for that beat. I was kind of surprised to hear Common on the track but he did his thing. The portions when the drums fell out of the track really made the song special, imo.

When I first heard “All That” I knew immediately that it would be on heavy rotation on my pod. That D’Angelo sample was just on point. It’s more uptempo than the original version and I like how The Game started his verse with a line from Jigga. Right now I’m pretty much fed up with Lil Wayne features but this one was perfect.“multiple orgasms, that’s my M.O.”. Big Sean’s verse wasn’t even half bad, actually it was pretty good, never thought I would say that about one of his verses. Peep that small feature from Fabolous at the end of the song.

For some reason it took me a while to get used to ‘See No Evil’. His verses are always better when he doesn’t mention anyone else from the industry even though Dre was mentioned it was perfect for what he was saying. Kendrick Lamar’s appearance was up to par as usual. “scurred off, making them hurry off, should have heard them in a hurry” clever wordplay! I have to thank the Game for not using that “gun cocking sound” like Kendrick did, it just shows that he was doing his own thing.

Can’t Get Right was another track that took some time to grow on me. That choir in the production was so pure. It was definitely an interesting story. “Celebration” was pretty much a celebration of features.
Now “Blood Diamonds” is one of those songs that is just alright but you have to respect the producers for the sample. sounds like some song that would be sung at a funeral for a tribe warrior in Africa somewhere. “There’s a lot of shit that I don’t like so bring Chief Keef in”, lmao.

I wish I would have recognized how nice the album was last year so I could have gave it some recognition but I guess it’s better late than never. I recommend taking a listen to the samples on itunes or amazon and making your decision from there. I have synced it to my pod for sure.

One thought on “The Album That I Shouldn’t Have Slept on Last Year

  1. I’ll pass, and I’m an L.A. guy. But, Game has nothing left to say really. That’s proved by the million features on this album, and the continued references to other artists, athlethes, etc. throughout all of his songs. I exited The Game ride after the “L.A.X” album. Productions on point though, I know that’s what you emphasize on this site, so no argument there.

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