Amazing songs by Astronauts, Etc*

The other day I was streaming through some music and I came across this song that I really didn’t attach myself to until it went off. I couldn’t help but to repeat the song over and over again. After a while I looked down at my pod to see who sung it and it was this artist named Astronaut, Etc. I never heard of him but I liked what I heard. Another thing that surprised me was that it was a cover. Usually, imo, the covers suck but this guy completely blew the originals out the water. Here listen to his cover of Youth Lagoon’s “17”

I like how it has that old Elton John feel to it, straight up vocals and piano. Don’t get me wrong the bridge part was delightful as well. The only part that I like in Youth Lagoon’s version is when the synths come in. Listen and see what you think.

Being that I enjoyed his cover of “17” I had to hear more and so I came across this cover too. SMH FUCKIN AMAZING
Astronauts, ETC – The Story (King cover)

If you didn’t hit the play button again after hearing that then maybe you’ll like the original version better
King – The Story

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