Overdoz – Come First

Produced by THC, check. Panty dropper, check. Good song, check. Welp you good to go now.

Currensy – New Jet City Mixtape Review


New Jet City

Did he save the best for first? Vivid descriptions over a very slow horn loop. After hearing this, your expectations for this tape will probably be high, mine was. This is the Curren$y I like to hear.

Clear f. Jadakiss

For some reason this sample remind me of In The Heat of the Night, real eery tune. This fits Currensy’s rhyme and Jadakiss….well you know how that went. He doesn’t disappoint. This track been getting a lot of the replays early.

Survival of the fittest, ni&&as need to join a gym  Continue reading

The Impressive Songs from Casey Veggie’s “Life Changes” Project

So I have had this “Life Changes” on heavy rotation on the pod this past week. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of young Veggies because I still think that he is hit or miss. But I do have to say that I can tell he is growing as an artist and more is put into his most recent music. I remember listening to this album when it first dropped and I can’t remember exactly where I was at the time but I do remember that it didn’t sound that bad. So I gave it another listen and pretty soon it was sync’d to the pod and receiving some praise. So here’s the songs that I think are impressive. Continue reading