Best Verse: LL Cool J ft Keith Murray, Foxy Brown, Prodigy, Fat Joe – I Shot Ya Remix

This track had all the spitters from the days up there. Young at the times, many of the features are legends today. The competition was thick but who had the best verse?

Keith Murray – IM HERE TO MAKE A DOLLAR OUT OF 15 CENTS!! Smh what a direct mission statement from Mr. Murray. The energy displayed, like on all his tracks, works well on a slow, sinister beat. Many quo tables here, Keith Murray held his own with some heavyweights here. 

Fav Line: Blow the spot like Branford Marsalis (bomp bomp bomp bomp!)

Prodigy – He was untouchable back then, every verse was sharp as knives. He could do no wrong. Looking back today, this is the verse that has one of his most memorable lines. Lyrics from the soul of a young guy with supreme confidence, Prodigy dropped a gem.

Fav Line: illuminati want my mind, soul and my body / secret society trying to keep they eye on me

Fat Joe – Joseph Crack came with so much energy and aggression. Back then, I thought Joe was solid before this i probably would said he shouldn’t be up here but he stepped it up a bit. The verse is direct and to the point, Joey’s not playing. Its a good verse that warrants some consideration.

Fav Line: Look I’m Joey Crack, motherfuckers be like he’s bad news

Foxy Brown – She sounds right at home dropping some vivid wordplay. Her voice fit the sounds perfectly, the verse was just smooth. Italiano got the Luciano! She proved back then that she was not only one of the best female lyricists but one of the best out period…possibly. Well, maybe not the best out but the verse was dope.

Fav Line: I’m sexing raw dog without protection, disease infested.

LL Cool J – Clearly he had some ish to get off his chest. A clear warning shot to whoever wanted it with him. This aggressive verse showed no matter what sitcom (hey, I liked “in the house”) he was on at the time, he would body any rapper. Overall, it was a decent verse.

Fav Line: LL, shitting from on top of the game

My Pick: Keith Murray


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