My Top 10 THC Beats

THC is a collective group of producers that I have been following for a while and per a viewer’s request I am listing my top 10 THC beats. It was hard to order the top 5 and the rest could have been interchangable. For those of you who have not heard of THC, they are a group out of California who have produced for the likes of DOM Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Overdoz, etc. I’m truly a fan of theirs and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future. So here’s what I like so far.
10. Overdoz – Counting My Money

I like how the synths are pitched to a point that they are just barely annoying and noticeable. I also enjoy the steady bassline for the beat.

9. DOM Kennedy – The Ways

What I enjoy the most about this production is the melody created by the claps and bass! That little yelling in the background throughout the track is on point. I believe that this production was heavily inspired by Robin Thicke’s “Wanna Love You“.

8. Kendrick Lamar – Sex With Society

A very experimental type of production. Those strings are just killer. The melody is so bouncy and it’s just so crazy that someone would throw some of the softest instruments into the mixture. The voice in the background is so subtle. Kdot only took it to another level.

7. DOM Kennedy – Don’t Call Me

If two cars had sex this is what it would sound like, very mechanical. There is a taste of harmony in the production that is glorified by the voices. I like the cuts in the drum pattern. It’s definitely an easy beat to dance to. This is that joint to like a candle to.

6. Kendrick Lamar – Cartoons and Cereal

I wonder who’s idea was it to include that channel surfing soundbite, that part set the pace for the intro and then when the bass comes in the sky falls and your head bobs. There’s a sample in this joint and it is distorted to a point where it’s kind of hard to figure out what it is but I believe I know who it’s from but I need to confirm that first.

5. Schoolboy Q- Oxy Music

When I hear this beat I always think about them old Felix The Cat cartoons. I like how the drum loop is slow but it meters the pace of the rest of the instruments. The feel of this beat is the same as watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s creepy but groovy at the same time. kudos to Schoolboy Q for lacing it properly.

4. Kendrick Lamar – F#ck Ur Ethnicity

What attracts my ear to this beat is how the drums seems to layer on top of each other. Another thing that makes this production wonderful to listen to is that the piano seems to be producing a different melody from the other portions of the beat. Listen to this sampluer, smh.

3. DOM Kennedy – So Elastic

This particular beat has sort of a chillwave feel to it. It’s slow and hollow, definitely something to relax to. This is another beat that is very mechanical in my opinion especially after the bridge. Those cymbal clashes hit so hard that my face instantly looks like this…

2. DOM Kennedy – Bet You Want Me (Now)

Mechanical with the clashes, funky with the hard hits, and groovy with the sample. Whenever I listen to this beat my head can’t stop moving. I don’t know how DOM heard this beat and thought about spitting on it, it’s definitely experimental. Near perfection, been bumping it on my pod constantly since I first heard it.

1. Kendrick Lamar – Collect Calls

All I can think about when I hear this beat is R2D2. Those sounds are so pure. I feel that the drums were not as important as the rest of the instruments on this beat and that’s why I think it’s special. The attention was focused on concocting a particular feel or vibe. The bassline is so deep but barely noticeable. This beat is a bar setter for THC and that’s why I will be on the lookout for their future work.

2 thoughts on “My Top 10 THC Beats

  1. That “bet you want me know” still brings back chills from the first time I head it.. Didnt know THC brought that funk like that!

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