A-Trak, Kimbra, Mark Foster – Warrior (What So Not Remix)

I still play that Vows sometimes in my pod but sometimes you have to venture out for some remixes. This is a nice remix of Kimbra’s “Warrior”, enjoy.


Morning Drive

As I hopped in the car this morning to drive to work with half opened eye lids, this song came on and captured the mood so perfectly as I cruised down the street. WAKE UP.

Best Verse: LL Cool J ft Keith Murray, Foxy Brown, Prodigy, Fat Joe – I Shot Ya Remix

This track had all the spitters from the days up there. Young at the times, many of the features are legends today. The competition was thick but who had the best verse?

Keith Murray – IM HERE TO MAKE A DOLLAR OUT OF 15 CENTS!! Smh what a direct mission statement from Mr. Murray. The energy displayed, like on all his tracks, works well on a slow, sinister beat. Many quo tables here, Keith Murray held his own with some heavyweights here.  Continue reading