bambamWhich artist slowly worked their way into our day-to-day music listening rotation this year that we co-sign…?


Action Bronson

It was 12/27/2011 that I first posted Action Bronson, his Terror Death Camp video, that was just the start for me with Bronson. His youtube videos is how it began for me, the recommended joints on the side when you are watching some other video. From there, I got his two albums Dr. Lecter and Well Done that were out then but didn’t really sit down to check them out until early this year. What I first liked was the beats he was rapping to, the samples were “different” and every track had a classic drum loop to it. Bronson would flow over them like mayo on bread, always keeping it consistent with funky and humorous rhymes. You can easily miss some of the clever lines he would spit. His tapes Blue Chips and Rare Chandeliers further confirmed my co-sign for this MC. If you haven’t checked out Action Bronson, please do so…soon.

Recommended Tapes: Dr. Lecter, Well Done, Blue ChipsRare Chandeliers


Chance The Rapper

I’m glad that I took a chance, no pun intended, and listened to that 10day tape. It was truly bonkers and everytime that I listen to it, I pick up something new. A very witty artist with a rather unique voice and flow. I got my first taste of his style when I saw his Hey Ma video and from then on I was interested in hearing what else I could find from this dude. His feature on Childish Gambino’s Royalty mixtape and 22offs only helped to boost my support for him. He writes a different kind of poetry that people can relate to. To put it simple he can take a gloomy story and make it sound rather pleasant at times. Chance is on the come up and everybody from that Save Money and The Village is on my radar now.

Recommended Tapes: 10day, Royalty, 10dayrmx

Check out the rest of our favorites from this year…

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