slaughterhouseSo much hype before the release but much more disappointment afterwards, which one album delivered below our expectations the most this year…?


Slaughterhouse – welcome to: Our House

I said it then and still feel the same today, Slaughterhouse let this fan down. I was anxious to press play when this dropped but ended the album kind of irritated. That age old problem with artists getting major record deals, I’ve seen this before but didn’t think this would happen here. Oh well, it did. This album is much more commercial than anything else, not all bad but just listen and see if you feel the same. After the inital few listens, this one didnt get much of any burn in my pod afterwards. At this point all I can ask is that they get back to the music the core fans like me grew to love. Who knows if we’ll get that.


Sir Michael Rocks – Lap of Lux

I had so much hope after I heard The Rocks Report, then Premier Politics dropped and I thought that it was like a one time fluke. NOPE, Lap of Lux is pretty much the last string for me for actively supporting Sir Michael Rocks’ solo projects. With a dope producer to work with in Chuck Inglish and this is the type of garb that you put out, smh. I tried to make it worthy of valuable real estate on my pod but after forcing myself to listen to it over and over again, I just had to throw in the towel and remove it from my inventory. It felt like I was a kid and seen a big nicely wrapped Christmas gift under the tree, and for days I wondered what was inside that box, hoping that it was maybe a PS3, a tonka truck, a big tv, or something of that nature. Then Christmas morning came and I opened the gift and to my dismay it was only a new ceiling fan for my room. PURE DISAPPOINTMENT I tell ya.


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