You can start to hear lyricism creep back into the music of today and it’s something that shouldn’t go without attention so here’s the verses we would like to shed some light this past year.
1. Chance the Rapper – Long Time [verse 1]

“I saw reflection in a toilet full of vomit water, you’ll think I felt your hand on my head yelling call his father, but people don’t hear ghost, so how they gon play me” How can you make such a serious situation sound so funny, now that’s talent if I ever seen it in my life. “like how you got the drive, but don’t know how to drive a stick shift” Agony and resilience are what I hear when I listen to this verse.

2. Oddisee – American Greed [verse 1]

“When George Bush took the oil from the soil, I was in front of the counter buying some milk from the A-rabs” Now that’s how you start a verse right there. The way that he connected political moves and his everyday life was truly flawless. He provided an explanation while delivering a message about american green, not only in place but in various aspects of life.

3. DOM Kennedy – 1:25 [verse 1]

“How things been since I left”, how you start a verse sets the pace for everything that follows and DOM did an extremely good job at that in this song. The verse is more like a one way conversation than anything else. I like how this conversation turns into a story about how he sexed this girl now she having his kid. “I am not Jody and you are not no Yvette, so before charges get pressed, I’ma go ahead and step”

4. Ab-Soul – Black Lip Bastard Remix

“I told ni99as, caught wreck, then I towed ni99as”, lmao again this is how you start a verse. The verse was full of clever metaphors and similes. Surely it wasn’t his best verse of the year but this is the verse that really showed how talented he is. The way he complicated the verse but captured your ears at the same time was amazing. What was more amazing is that he made something so nice sound so easy or rather effortless. “b#tches poppin percocet and percolating”, lmao.

5. Lute – Days Like This

This verse yells confidence, confidence in what he is saying and how he is saying it. “wolf amongst wolves, if you ask me” relentless! It’s that everyday life verse, something to chill to. A lot of down to earth content mixed within one verse.


1. BIG KRIT – King Pt. 2

HISTORY REMEMBERS KINGS! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! I knew this would make my favorite verse list this year when I heard it in February. I’ve heard thousands of verses since and none have topped this. Its just a real verse, thats all I can really say. Just listen.

2. Oddisee – American Greed 1st verse

He laid this out so well without sounding too complex. From an economic standpont, he touched all corners of the globe while giving us a window into his life in DC and the effects, all in 16 bars. A truly amazing verse.

3. Danny Brown – Terrorist Threats

Danny Brown got the best style/flow today imo, he laced this verse will so much energy and charisma. He was speaking on some real issues too which made this that much better. HOW THE F**K IS THEY POSE TO EAT!?!?!

4. Chance The Rapper – 22 Offs

A clever verse from a newcomer that I couldn’t stop playing. I knew Chance had serious potential after I first heard this.

5. Roc Marciano – Modern Day Revelations

This one caught me by surprise, he ate this track. Filled with some off the wall lines “bite bison and cake icing”, “sport the garments that crawled out the forests”, “the car seats is whatchamacallit” this one left me pressing rewind every time.

Check out the rest of our favorites from this year…

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