Our favorites beats we heard in 2012, this was tough to choose from but someone had to do it.


1. Nas – Stay (prod by No I.D.)

It’s not always how complex the beat construction is, its the feeling you get when it hits your ears. The quote is perfect for this beat No I.D. put together. Listen how the mood is set with a soothing piano pattern, waiting for the horn to take over and lead the way. But the cherry on top in the background harmonizing by some woman. An ear orgasm should occur during the few minutes this track is on.

2. Kendrick Lamar – Sing About Me/Dying of Thirst (2nd beat)
You ever heard angels hum on beat to a crazy drumloop? Yea, me neither until I heard this. Your torso starts to move, your head starts to nod, your eyes close, next thing you know your mind is deeeeep in left field. What a soothing track.
3. Oddisee – From Largo With Love (prod by. Oddisee)
Those freaking strings do something to me that I wasn’t expecting when I first played this track, the slow groove is all the way there. When the vocals come in, that pretty much wraps up my face because to balled up to the max. So muthaf$#$%n souuullllllful!
4. Kendrick Lamar – Compton (prod. by Just Blaze)

Just Blaze gave Kendrick Lamar the right anthem for his city but only if Dr. Dre rapping wasnt rapping on it, this might have been an epic track. For what its worth, Just Blaze did his job on the beat. The hard snares with that small vocal sample is something that I couldn’t resist, resulting in major playback from my Instrumentals playlist. The remix at the end was another welcomed treat.
5. Brother Ali – Only Life I Know (prod. by Jake One)

Jake One….damn. That breakdown is crazy but only a piece of this goodness pie. This beat grew on me after bout 5 listens especially those “yea” stabs. I find myself humming this beat every now and then. It’s my liiiiiiife.

1. Schoolboy Q – Raymond 1969 [produced by Sounwave & Dave Free]

The first time I heard this joint my head was immediately thrown into a spell and that spell involved a steady bob. It’s a mystical type of production laced with something zany. Bass heavy and complex at the same time. The Portishead sample matched Schoolboy Q’s style perfectly.

2. Kendrick Lamar – Collect Calls [produced by THC]

If R2D2 had a favorite song to listen to it would be this one. The sounds used throughout the production are on some space age ish but drum pattern provided a melody for Kendrick Lamar to ride on. The pauses were perfect, they were empty and barely noticeable. The bassline mostly created by strings which is something that was very interesting, you have to really listen hard to hear that.

3. Nas – Where’s The Love [produced by No I.D.]

Some songs just have that perfect mixture of the right artist and the right producer. A distorted sample that was chopped to produce harmony throughout the song. I like how the bassline was heavy and very powerful.

4. Oddisee – Way In, Way Out [produced by Oddisee]

The sensation of this production constantly made me want to c-walk or mimic some Mack 10 dance. Chubby horns, a soulful sample, and a pounding bassline is the perfect recipe. The addition of the snap was just enough for your heart to jump out of your chest.

5. Wiz Khalifa – O.N.I.F.C. [produced by Cardo & Sledgren]

This that joint for cruising with the windows down with a bad you know what on the passenger side. I never heard anyone flip that Deadmau & Kaskade sample like that. You would never know it was that song because the moods are so different between their version and this version. This is probably one of those rare songs that I could actually just be satisfied by listening to the instrumental especially after that breakdown plays out at the end of the song.


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