Wiz Khalifa – ONIFC (album review)

To tell you the truth I almost forgot about this album this year. But with the release of Taylor Allderdice I had to take a listen to Wiz’s newest project. I figured that this album would get me heated especially after that “Work Hard, Play Hard” bull that he put out. Anyways here’s what you can expect to hear if you haven’t purchased this album yet.
Cardo and Sledgren on the production tip.

That “yea yea yea” at the beginning of the song is annoying. I like the production to this song. There’s not much to the lyrics mostly about shining and stuff like that.

Drumma Boy, thanks! Excellent beat but the overall concept of the song pretty much sucks. I do enjoy Wiz’s flow on the song. The lyrics were very similar to the previous song.

Let It Go ft. Akon
Very pop. The only part of the track that I like is the synths. Skippable at best.

The Bluff ft. Camron
Nice harmonizing on the chorus even the lyrics are pretty shallow. I.D. Labs on the production. I image the song would be a little better if I were high, otherwise it’s really not about much.
I’m killa, he wiz, but all our checks say Cameron
dipset bitch!

Work Hard, Play Hard
Bob the Builder on the chorus!

Got Everything ft. Courtney Noelle
A decent song, the chorus was pretty corny tho. Similar to some old Ashanti joint.

Fall Asleep
Take away Wiz and you have an excellent track. Kudos to I.D. Labs. You will start to ask yourself if you just brought this album just to get high quality work from the producers and that’s it.

Refer to “Fall Asleep” for how I feel about this song.

It’s Nothin ft. 2 Chainz
Well you read the title didn’t you? skip

Rise Above ft. Pharrell, Amber Rose, & Tuki Carter
Probably one of the best songs off the album thanks to help from Pharrell. Amber’s feature was pointless, Tuki’s verse was terrible.

Initiation ft. Lola Monroe
Sledgren wtf is this? Skip

Up In It
I like that first verse, not going to front. The rest of the song is just aight.

No Limit
Will all this talent steaming from these producers you would think that the artist would give just as much effort if not the same level. Fail

The Plan ft. Juicy J

One of the best songs on the album thanks to the Juiceman and ID Labs. Worthy of a listen.

Remember You ft. The Weeknd

Medicated ft. Chevy Woods & Juicy J
After a while all these songs start to sound alike and blend together, skip.

Save your money, pirate 3 or 4 songs and listen to them every now and then. Go back to listening to Taylor Allderdice and pretend this never happened.

3 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa – ONIFC (album review)

  1. Cool review….I love this site, thanks to it my playlist rocks. Please review Curren$y please

  2. Thanks for the continued support. We did review that Curren$y/Alchemist project one time, we need to step it up that’s fo sho

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