The Favs: Top 5 Three 6 Mafia Albums


Da Unbreakables – Bangers bangers and more bangers. Production was up to par here as well.
Lil Wyte – Doubt Me Now – Started the album thinking it would be bad, finished the album and loved it all the way through
Chronicles of the Juiceman – Production is top notch and its jam after jam. Juiceman stuck to his strengths, smart move
Chapter 2: World Domination – Many classic joints up here. Tear Da Club Up ’97 is still my all time favorite 3 6 song. Love ‘Will Blast’.
Choices – A great CD to go along with a funny ass movie. This one had a good batch of tracks.


Underground Vol.3: Kings of Memphis – A straight gritty southern bass heavy classic.
Lil Wyte : Doubt Me Now – If I need something to get my adrenaline going this is the album I throw on. Third level type of ish.
Frayser Boy : Gone On That Bay – This that heavy boy music, make you wanna rumble when you step up in the bar type of music.
Unbreakables: I definitely jumped around to this joint quite a bit back in ’03.
When The Smoke Clear – This was the one that made me go all in and find every album that I could.

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