gkmckenWhich 5 albums did we enjoy the most this year?


1. Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City
A great album from Kendrick Lamar, living up to its hype. The overall story of the album couldn’t have been formatted better. This is a complete album with hypnotic productions, conscious lyricism, and impressive flows, easily the album of the year. Continue reading


bambamWhich artist slowly worked their way into our day-to-day music listening rotation this year that we co-sign…?


Action Bronson

It was 12/27/2011 that I first posted Action Bronson, his Terror Death Camp video, that was just the start for me with Bronson. His youtube videos is how it began for me, the recommended joints on the side when you are watching some other video. From there, I got his two albums Continue reading


slaughterhouseSo much hype before the release but much more disappointment afterwards, which one album delivered below our expectations the most this year…?


Slaughterhouse – welcome to: Our House

I said it then and still feel the same today, Slaughterhouse let this fan down. I was anxious to press play when this dropped but ended the album kind of irritated. That age old problem with artists getting major record deals, I’ve seen this before but didn’t think this would happen here. Oh well, it did. This album is much more commercial than anything else, not all bad but just listen and see if you feel the same. After the inital few listens, this one didnt get much of any burn in my pod afterwards. At this point all I can ask is that they get back to the music the core fans like me grew to love. Who knows if we’ll get that.
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You can start to hear lyricism creep back into the music of today and it’s something that shouldn’t go without attention so here’s the verses we would like to shed some light this past year.
1. Chance the Rapper – Long Time [verse 1]

“I saw reflection in a toilet full of vomit water, you’ll think I felt your hand on my head yelling call his father, but people don’t hear ghost, so how they gon play me” How can you make such a serious situation sound so funny, now that’s talent if I ever seen it in my life. “like how you got the drive, but don’t know how to drive a stick shift” Agony and resilience are what I hear when I listen to this verse. Continue reading


Our favorites beats we heard in 2012, this was tough to choose from but someone had to do it.


1. Nas – Stay (prod by No I.D.)

It’s not always how complex the beat construction is, its the feeling you get when it hits your ears. The quote is perfect for this beat No I.D. put together. Listen how the mood is set with a soothing piano pattern, waiting for the horn to take over and lead the way. But the cherry on top in the background harmonizing by some woman. An ear orgasm should occur during the few minutes this track is on.

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 It’s that time of year for us to share with you all our thoughts on the best of 2012. So let’s get into it.
1. Kendrick Lamar – Sing About Me [produced by Lyke]

A song that truly drew the listener a mental picture through the use of several small stories. A delicate production laced with intriguing lyrics that captured the emotion of the characters that he wrote about. Kendrick Lamar used his creativity to integrate the fading out of the woman’s voice with the fading out of the actual song. I haven’t heard a song like this in along time, it will probably never get old to me. Continue reading

A Sick Sample from Nas’ Life Is Good

I’ve been reviewing albums from this year for our “Best of 2012” series, which is soon to be released, and I just can’t stop replaying Nas’ “Stay” from his Life is Good album. Again I have to point out that this is a No I.D. production and he is definitely raising to be the greatest hip hop producer of all time. In order to find a sample like this No ID had to do some real digging and listening. Like not skipping the song after the first 30 seconds, he listened to the whole joint and chopped the shit out of it. Enjoy Nas’ version first, peep Continue reading