Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers Album Review

This year Action Bronson has slowly worked his way into my daily music rotation. When I heard he was linking together with Alchemist, my first thought was Covert Coup and the magic that was produced there. I just knew they would cook up some sick tracks similar to that tape…or at least i hope. Let’s see what they have to offer this time around… Continue reading

8 Million Stories: Big KRIT – They Got Us

3 quick stories in one track, KRITs describes some messed up situations that I’m sure you may have seen or heard about at one time. Marvin Gaye’s soulful voice caught my ears attention to make me realize what a good track this is. Get a listen and see if you feel the same.

Big KRIT – They Got Us

[Verse 1]
My nigga holla bang bang as the coppers pass
Cause just the other day they tried to rob the stash
Jammed up his cuz now he called from the pen
They got him praying for his bail so they won’t take his kids
Cause his baby momma act out, she’d done backed out
Sold everything in the house cause she cracked out
He turned to me so much pain in his eyes
Like he ain’t know being black and po came with a price
He took a toke as if it eased his mind
His nose running heavy cause he geeking lines
Clientele pulled up in a beamer truck
Served the driver and he said to me “they got us all fucked up” Continue reading

Who is JMSN and why is Priscilla an excellent album?

So Good Kid MAAD City dropped and you have listened to it a good amount of times to the point you are interested in the people who contributed to the project. So naturally you try to find out who Anna Wise is and what her music sounds like. You notice that she also worked with Ab-Soul on Control System and other projects. You then find out what Sonnymoon is about. Now you are interested in the person who was singing at the end of “Sing About Me”. Well that’s a hard one. Continue reading

T1000 Robotic arm

This really doesn’t have anything to do with our general topics but good gracious this arm is amazing. I work with robots all day but scaling them down to this size and with such control is truly unique.

Brooklyn Nets | The Soundtrack

Like many hoop fans out there, I’ve been excited to see what the new Nets will look like on the court. Will they be any good? With Jay-Z in the mix and it being in Brooklyn, I wonder how much involvement will he have in the music played during games. Something about me loves to hear hip hop played in public places where there is a diverse audience. As far as I’m concerned, everyone should get a good dosage of hip hop at a NBA game – it just makes sense. Well, I got a chance to see their home opener last night against another team with a bunch of new faces, Toronto Raptors. While the game was a good one, I paid attention to the music played during it. S.G. and I had this convo a week or so ago, with all the brooklyn anthems and quotables in hip hop which ones are most appropriate to be played? Here’s some of the tracks and quotables I had in mind to be played during the game, introduction, halftime, timeouts, etc….

Fabolous – Brooklyn (ft. Uncle Murda & Jay-Z) – The chorus at least. Sampled from the infamous Biggie freestyle, this is sure to get the crowd going.
Continue reading