Crazy Verse: Juicy J – Lockdown

The Juiceman used to lay down some sick ass verses back in the day, some may say that he still does. This particular verse comes from the Triple Six song ‘Lockdown’ from my favorite album of theirs ‘Vol.3 Kings of Memphis’. The beat might capture your head first but then as you listen closely to Juice’s verse you will be instantly thrown into the concept of the song. It’s kind of surprising listening to the verse today because I failed to recognize the lyrical talent back when I first heard it. The verse was relative and very descriptive. Peep.

It started out into a one lock down
me and paul in a hopeless cell
waitin to use the fuckin phone
waitin to get a fuckin bell
some people think 2 on 1 is just a place for cops and robbers
niggas still smokin weed constantly, passing dollars
mase in yo face when it’s time to get buckwild
cuz lawyer fees are high as hell
payin these can’t even help my trial
So while I’m thinkin to myself
a nigga walked right up to me
lookin me up and down wit a frown
smellin like a bottle of Crown
but I dont give a fuck
cuz this hoe gone make me make the news
for shankin niggas in the neck
whippin guns and takin shoes
he threw up a gang sign
I turned my back didnt pay em no mind
and when I looked around again
he threw it up another time
I said yo whats up fool
is there somethin that your trying to proove
I aint wit that gang shit
he smiled and fired up a Kool
walked a little closer to me
I’ma pull them dreds up outta his head
he didnt show no violent act
but in a low tone this is what he said

Killa, Killa, whatcha gonna do
get blessed in the red, I get blessed in the blue
on the 34th floor they got them G’s claimin true
So whatcha gonna do, young killa

Peep Scarecrow on the 2nd verse, a rarity. Boo and Paul ripped also. Listen
Warning: All weak ass subs might not survive what they are about to experience.

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