Who is JMSN and why is Priscilla an excellent album?

So Good Kid MAAD City dropped and you have listened to it a good amount of times to the point you are interested in the people who contributed to the project. So naturally you try to find out who Anna Wise is and what her music sounds like. You notice that she also worked with Ab-Soul on Control System and other projects. You then find out what Sonnymoon is about. Now you are interested in the person who was singing at the end of “Sing About Me”. Well that’s a hard one. Trying to find an unlisted credit is like trying to find a sample that someone else hasn’t already found, definitely a challenge. Luckily in this scenario someone has already found out who JMSN is.

Also known as Christian TV, JMSN is the next big thing in the R&B world. Creating music that is beyond the general structural of chorus-verse-chorus and implementing well strung productions are two points where his talents shine. JMSN is not concerned with being the next Frank Ocean or The Weeknd but he is focused on transcending the genre to the next level. His project entitled ‘Priscilla’ was released earlier this year and it’s receiving notice for sure. Let’s talk about it for a minute.

Choices was an interesting introduction if you have never heard the artist before. I felt like I had missed some part of the story leading up to the messages. Jameson is a song that kind of reminds you of when Justin Timberlake was working heavily with Timbaland. I liked how the production changed throughout the duration of the song. There was a certain amount of steadiness to the chaotic tones in the background. He managed everything very well though.

With the layering and the background vocals it makes him sound like he had help from several vocalists but the versatility of his talents are amazing. To put it simply, it’s one man sounding like several. I liked how the person’s voice on the message at the end of the song started to slur and the transition from Jameson to Alone was perfect. While listening to Alone you want to compare him to Colin Monroe but it’s not really the same. The echoes in the background bring a valuable emotional element to the song. A witty artist can make a verse, chorus, and bridge all blend together so good that you have a hard time differentiating what is what and that’s something that JMSN exceeded at with this song. Another flawless transition only makes things sound better.

JMSN manages to capture your attention so well that you fail to notice that you are listening to a new song entitled Do U Remember the Time. Another song that makes you want to hear more. I like Somewhere, short and sweet. Interlacing an unlisted interlude with songs that draw out beyond the 3 minute mark takes some level of genius.

I have to say that Hotel was the first song that truly changed the pace of the project. Not as complex as the previous songs, yet stands by itself. I couldn’t really say that I would skip this song but I wouldn’t be eager to get to this point in the album. There wasn’t much to it lyrically either.

Something brings your head back to that steady bob that you encountered earlier in the project. The drum pattern midway through the song was something else. It sounded like someone had took the sound of a machine gun firing off and converted that sound into something more melodic. It was lite but full of so much content at the same time, if that makes any sense. Fallin is a song that reminds me of another song that I have heard before but I can’t recall the name of it right now. It may be obvious though. I like the build up of the beat. I’m curious about the instruments used in this particular song, especially the strings. Everything sounds so professional, I can’t hear a sample being used.

The transition to Love and Pain wasn’t as sharp as other transitions but it was for a good reason. If there was a single on the album, Love and Pain would probably be it. Sounds like Kenny G on that sax, suuuu!

Those strings are on point! The excerpt at the end of the song reminds me of something Lana Del Rey would do. Fire is a bit spacey. I detected a taste of autotune as well. This song would definitely be categorized into the Electronic genre. The premium blend from Fire to Jameson pt. II had a satanic feel to it. The sound that played with the bass reminds me static shock. A well orchestrated song or interlude.

Runaway wasn’t quite my cup of joe. I do appreciate the outro to the song though. The bass was on point and everything just hit right. I’m not quite sure what you call it when you hit the rim of the drum but that sound was used very well. I was kind of surprised to hear Boldy James on that Girl I Used To Know. I was definitely feeling that joint.

The beat dropped at the right moments which made this song sounds a bit different from your typical pop-like r&b song. Boldy reminds me of Lil Fip to be honest with you. This song could have been better without the feature. I felt that Let U Go was a bit sloppy. The whole rhythm was off through the whole song to me. Maybe it deserves several more listens but I’m not understanding the outcome for this song. Lights was an interlude that kind of reminds me of the choir singing in church with an organ providing the dramatic feel. Nunca Se Sabra was interesting, not quite sure what to make of it.

As a new discovery for me I have to say that I was impressed for the most part. The complexity of the songs and the structuring of the lyrics were something that I haven’t heard before from a fairly new artist. JMSN got the message about making good, complete albums requires some nurturing of the transitions. I don’t believe the concept followed throughout the whole project but it was not a failed attempt either. I enjoyed how he put a lot of the vocals into different levels and he was the only person singing. That was the most impressive part to me. I was about to call this a classic until I got a little past half way through the album and things changed dramatically. A shorter album with more consistency would have let to a classic rating but for this to be his first project to go out to a wider audience I would have to say that this was simply amazing. Definitely worth a download and a swift sync to the pod.

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