Radio Galaxy – Daaarkness Everybody (album review)

It seems like forever when the group released ‘We Come in Peace’ but looking back at it, it was just about a year ago. I have been fiending for some new music from the group from Houston and now I can finally quench my thirst with the release of their latest project.
Good things come with time and let’s see how this good thing turned out.
The Reaper

I have to state obvious here, that the vocalist reminds me of Jill Scott without the social agenda. The production is on that neo-soul tip with a horror toned melody. I wasn’t really feeling the deep voice but I understand why it was used. Definitely a head bobber.
If you have ever seen the movie Nightmare Before Christmas then the introduction to this song may give you some relapse into when you watched that film. What I enjoy the most about this song is that they mix everything well vocally. Nothing sounds overdone and the energy level remains a notch above the rest throughout the song. That kick captured my head for the whole song.

This is the song that they released the preview to but that snippet did not do the song justice. The complete package was well orchestrated. It’s structure is not the typical verse-chorus-verse. The group’s talent is not only vocally but also with providing a great mixture of vocals and production and then taking it to the next level. Everything sounds purposeful and for a good reason. The synth within the background added another emotion to the song but when you are not really paying attention it’s faint, excellent!
At this point my head has not stopped bobbing. It’s songs like this that remind you why you chose to wait patiently for the group to release something new. A well thought out song with a witty chorus. This track promotes peace and tranquility. Her voice is soothing and the production reminds me of something that Dilla would have made for D’Angelo. I like how that cymbal clash was soft and how it road along with the melody of the song. The outro of the song was so pure and it included such a smooth transition.
I was a bit skeptic when I first that bong like sound in the background but the vocalist was able to tame the strain of the tone. The layering was used in a manner that truly benefited the song. That drum hit in the middle of the song was random, subtle, and genius; that’s something you rarely hear from fairly new artists. It’s like you weren’t expecting it and as soon as you heard it, you wanted more or you yearned for that change in tempo but the continuation of the current melody was satisfying enough.
This is when my head bob suddenly came to a blunt stop. It’s definitely a song that will have to grow on me. The tempo of the vocalist and the production didn’t mash well. Her harmonizing was done well but that off beat feel just made it hard for me to enjoy the song. I like how it switched at the end of the song, short but sweet.

Kind of pop like, not really sure if I like the song or not. The ups and downs of the beat were definitely a nice feature. It’s like this song embodied a lot of different attributes that were used in Andre 3000′ ‘The Love Below’. The bridge was pretty nice I’ll give it that.

This song has that 1960’s feel to it. I guess this track was used for shoutouts. Can’t complain about that. That repetition in the song reminds me of Foster Sylver’s “Misdemeanors”, peep

What do you think? Oh yea that was used in The D.O.C.’s “Funky Enough”.

It’s official like a ref with a whistle. I’m on the wagon and I will be keeping track of this group’s work. This album is well worth a download and deserves some of your precious space on your pod. It’s short and didn’t really have any room for failure. I would have to say that album is somewhat experimental but if you heard We Come In Peace then you will understand what I’m talking about exactly. I’m impressed how they continue to show growth and it sounds like they put the time and effort into the project to make it was well rounded candidate for album of the year. Download here

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