Gerald Walker & Cardo – On Your Side Pt.II (album review)

First off that cover artwork reminds me of one of Big Krit’s projects. I have to admit that this album pretty much snuck upon me and this review is overdue. Gerald Walker is pretty new to me and I just hope that I can give this project a fair shake. Cardo on the other hand I have been following for some time. He’s becoming a monster on the beats and when he teams up with Sledgren and Wiz they make some good music, so it’s time to hear part 2 of his collab with Gerald Walker to see if he can maintain his consistency. Let’s get into it.

The Introduction
I love this introduction, it’s so soothing and the thunderstorm in the background adds to the suspense of what’s to come. Jon Dahlanger did an excellent job on the keys but that loud crash threw me for a loop at the end. Wow

All or Nothing

A nice transition combined with the background sound effects makes for a good intro.

“when I used to dance they called me clueless, I guess all along I was the only one who heard the music”

I like how Gerald Walker is distinctive and he really doesn’t sound like anyone else. Short and sweet, I can’t hate on that. I’m definitely impressed thus far.

They Don’t Know What We Know
A nice mixture of a fresh flow and some harmonizing.
“shit you fall seven times, you gotta stand up eight, and a man’s character will define his own fate”
Knowledge bone! Cardo provides Gerald a chill melody to ride on. I like the breaks and the wheels of steel.

Live It Up
This is is where Cardo shines at. Yall already know peep

I just want you to Michael Jackson it and come and Beat It up

What I Do ft. Kiara Dupree

Not really my favorite song off the project but I like when he goes double time with the flow.

we been real since the Grizzlies was playing back in Vancouver

lmao. I do appreciate how he is himself in the song and talks about how he does things and gives his perspective.

Here’s to Us ft. Jack Freeman
This guy trying to get his Keith Sweat on huh. The lyrics are personal if you pay attention. He gives you a small look into the ups and downs of his life. Kind of reminds me of Big Krit, a small portion of his persona. I personally think that the chorus could have been handled in a better way.

Get High to Get By ft. Bryant Stewart

Another chorus with some singing, ugh. Kudos to Cardo for providing Gerald with a production that has a party feel to it but it also has a certain chill element to it. That double time flow with the voice toning is crazy nice. Again this chorus could have been better, it really doesn’t flow well with the rest of the song. The tempo isn’t right IMO, it could be something else though.

Walk on Water Or Drown ft. key Wane
I understand the metaphoric title but come on man there is a third option, lol. Sledgren could have provided him with something better than this skeleton type of production.

This Life ft. Add-2

This is an interesting song. It sounds different from the other songs off the project. You can still tell that Cardo is on the beat but it seems like more effort was put into making this song than the other ones. I feel that he should have done most of his own choruses because he sounds better on them but he may have had a vision for each song that required a certain talent level that he did not have. Who knows though.

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