10 Things That Could Have Made Cruel Summer Better

The craze this week in the Hip Hop industry has been the release of Cruel Summer, plenty of hype on it. Atleast for me, it didnt meet my expectations that I expected from the talented GOOD music family. I started to think “what could have made it meet our expectations?” Here’s a quick list of what we came up with: Continue reading

Crazy Verse: Joe Budden – Are You In That Mood Yet?

One of my favorite Joe Budden verses, so of course I was excited when I heard this verse recited acapella in Ice T’s new doc “Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap”. Get a fix below.

Joe Budden – Are You In That Mood Yet?

Yo, I don’t wanna live no more
Sometimes I hear death knockin’ at my front door
I’m livin everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle
Another day another struggle, yo
I know it’s fucked up what a lack of cake’ll do
A few people wanna move in and stay wit you
You wish you could help ’em all, but you ain’t able to
Cause the rent’s a lil’ late plus the cable’s due
You and your girlfriend are beefin’ in a serious way
You used to be faithful (NOW) you at a curious stage (for real)
Finally got your mind made on going your separate ways WAIT
Nah homeboy, her period’s late now THINK
Your time’s runnin out do it quickly (WHY?!)
Cause she starts crying, mood’s gettin sticky
If I don’t want it she’ll want nuttin to do wit me

G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer Album Review

GOOD Music is one of the top 3 crews in Hip Hop right now, can they grab the crown with Cruel Summer? Let’s see…
To The World
Kanye West feat. R. Kelly & Teyana Taylor [Prod. by Pop & Oak. Co: Hudson Mohawke, Million $ Mano, Ken Lewis, Travi$ Scott & Anthony Kilhoffer]
“I’m just trying to protect my stack, Mitt Romney dont pay no tax, Mitt Romney dont pay no tax”
Setting the album up for what to expect, Kanye and R.Kelly are saying “fu%k the world” over pounding drums. R.Kelly’s part is kind of long winded but its not bad, it sounds good. Kanye started his verse like another Chi-town legend.  The beat is good and so is the overall track. In hindsight, this was a good track to start with.  Continue reading

Four Dope Tracks, One Sick Sample

I randomly found these tracks just shuffling through the pod. Its a good feeling to find treasure when you not looking for it. I’ve been wondering what this sample was since I heard Oddisee’s “Tokyo” and now I know and stumbled upon 3 more recently released tracks that used that same joint. The Dramatics’ 1978 track, “Do What You Want To Do”, provided an excellent intro with airy chords and soft vocals, that’s a producer’s playground. Who used it best? I think all put a different touch to it, I like them all but Oddisee and Dizzy Wright’s versions are my favorites at the moment. Get a fix below and see which one you prefer. Continue reading

How to make a love song with a gangsta-like theme

To most of us when we listen to a good R&B song were the main theme is about love and relationships, we tend to pick up on the portions that relate to us the most. For the most part a lot of the metaphors are not really complex and it’s clear what the message of the song is. Then there’s the other side of the tracks where artists choose to go a step or two deeper, lyrically, while still providing that smooth melodic feel. On that side of the tracks stands Erykah Badu Continue reading

Taylor Gang

Couldn’t get this song out of my head for the longest because of two instances. First when I was on vacation this summer at the beach I saw a kid with a “Taylor Gang or Die” shirt on, kind of blew my mind. Then the other day I saw someone with one of those panda hats on their head, you know the hats that looks like the person went to Korea and gutted a baby panda and made a hat out of it, yea that hat. Well anyways it reminded me of this video as well. enjoy!