Why is it so hard to find another “Electric Feel”?

Since 2007 I have been on a mission to find a song that sounds similar to MGMT’s “Electric Feel”. It has been a hell of a journey to find a band that produces such a funky sound. If you haven’t heard this song, be prepared to have an ear orgasm, peep.
Electric Feel

I truly feel like Bruce Wayne when he was looking for an answer in that Batman Begins. All hope had diminished from my spirit. Electric Feel is a song that is full of funk, the drums and the guitar melody pretty much laid that out. This song always has my head bobbing so hard. The tone of Andrew’s voice is just right for the song. I liked the album version of the song because of this, even though I did understand why they did the video version in a different manner. It pretty much sounds like you should be at a roller rink in the 70’s with a pick in your fro getting busy on floor.

During my search for another indie rock song that would provoke such movement of the body I have come across plenty of songs that could get your head to bob. None have done so quite like Electric Feel. What disappoints me the most is that MGMT made Oracular Spectacular and they were able to spread that feel across a 10 song album but it was EXTREMELY hard to find an album from another band that could provide such consistency. I don’t want to downplay any band’s talent that is capable of producing good music but even though M83 was able to make “Midnight City” the rest of the album doesn’t sound anywhere remotely similar to that song. The same goes for Empire of the Sun, “Walking on a Dream” was a groovy track but maybe there was one other song on that same album that came close to giving you a feeling that was so nice to experience. Nine point 5 times out of 10 when you hear a sound in the indie genre and you are really feeling it to a point that you go to check out the album, I can guarantee that you will be disappointed in the product, an instant “WTF” moment in your life.

In my opinion there has only been two indie rock/pop albums since Oracular Spectacular to delivery unique singles and provide a solid and consistent album that those singles were on and that’s Miike Snow’s ‘Miike Snow‘ and Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs‘. If you enjoyed any of the singles off those albums you could listen to the whole album of either without skipping a track, well maybe the bullshit remixes at the end of Miike Snow’s album, but other than that 100% pure! I do have to note that none of the songs off the forementioned albums even match up to Electric Feel but at least the albums had songs that mostly stayed inline with the other songs. They did not sound like a mixtape, that sums it up. Most of these indie albums sound like mixtapes rather than full conceptual albums. This is why hip hop still remains my #1 favorite genre, with indie a close 2nd.

I have yet to give up hope, the pursuit will continue. One day I typed into the google search bar “what songs sound similar to MGMT’s Electric Feel” and the results were so disappointing. A bunch of people pretty much telling people to refer to songs by M83, Xx, Foster The People, Passion Pit and Phoenix. That’s disgraceful none of their songs give you that Electric Feel experience. I was also pissed off that people pretty much referred people to the big names and no one pointed out an up-and-coming band’s song. I thought about it and I probably couldn’t go outside of the realm either so I calmed down, but then I thought more and I answered one person’s request with one song that I thought maybe could be a contender for Electric Feel. Here’s the song that I recommended that they listen to…
N.E.R.D. – The Man

What do you think? Any other recommendations?

22 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to find another “Electric Feel”?

  1. You, sir, are on the right track with Arcade Fire. Although their Funeral album was miles better than The Suburbs, in my opinion. I think THAT album should have gotten them their Grammy. If you are looking for a great album as a whole, pick that up. Highlights from it are the songs “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), Neighborhood #2 (Laika), Crown of Love and Wake Up. Incredible album.

  2. I have “The Funeral” and I thought that it was pretty decent but I prefer the Suburbs because it’s more conceptual. The short film that they did for it also helped me to appreciate it more. You should check out Hot Chip’s “In Our Head”

  3. Ahh so you’ve heard it, that’s good. Awesome I will check out that song. I am always looking for new breath music and “another electric feel.” I love how Mgmt sounds so pure classic rock and funk on their first album. It’s like they’re straight outta the 60s. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Hot Chip’s “In Our Heads” is actually an album, it’s full of energy, non-stop! More of house meets indie rock type of feel. If you haven’t heard Metronomy’s “We Broke Free” song, then you might like it because it’s very similar to the music that MGMT makes. I can’t vouch for the rest of the album that the song is on though. Just to give you a heads up.

  5. lol, i don’t know what i even meant by ‘new breath music.’ I think I meant new great music and my phone autocorrected. Cool, i’m checking out those albums. I didn’t even know the suburbs had a special video. If you like songs that have awesome videos attached to them, check out Miles Fisher’s cover of The Talking Heads song “This must be the place.” The video is an awesome homage to American Psycho and the guy does a great Christian Bale impression and even looks like him a little.

  6. FYI, listening to that Hot Chip album right now and I already love the sound. Great recommendation!

  7. that is a good song too, it doesn’t provoke the same or more emotion than Electric Feel, that’s just my opinion though.

  8. I know you said you’ve tried Foster the people, but… their song ‘Houdini’ sounds exactly like MGMT’s Electric Feel! it’s crazy! what do you think?

  9. Houdini is a good song, it’s got bit of a disco feel to it but the drums are more like when Rick Rubin met the Beastie Boys. It’s like all of the instruments used in Houdini were played with a little bit of extra energy. The melody provided by the piano keys really made the song sound like one of those generic indie pop songs. Electric Feel on the other hand had that extra umph that you can feel in your bones. It’s like the drummer put his soul into every hit and the drums actually provided a melody that made you feel like you were riding a muthafuckin camel in the middle of Saudi on some on the way to paradise type of shit. Every instrument hit so hard in the song it felt like Jumanji converted into audio. The break even had that extra bit of stank to it. Sorry I can not agree with you that Houdini sounds like Electric Feel.

  10. yeah, I get what you mean, it’s sounds similar but doesn’t give the same emotions/feel.

    On another note, here are my fav tunes that really make you feel… let me know if you like them.

    ‘feather’ by Nujabes
    ‘hearing damage’ by Thom Yorke
    ‘full moon’ by the black ghosts
    ‘where is my mind’ by the Pixies
    ‘slow life’ by Grizzly bear

  11. As of now, I’m paring it with Youtopia by Armin van Buuren feat. Adam Young. Not really the same, but I think they go alright together.

  12. no comment for a while here but for a strong groove (especially if you have a good sub) that gets in your bones try lindstrom and chirstabelle – lovesick . not really in the same genre as electric feel (which i love).

  13. i recommend “lisa baby” by walk the moon! (know it’s kind of late to comment here, 2 years or so…)

  14. I love that someone else has been on a similar quest. I have two favorite songs that I will never, ever get sick of:

    1. Electric Feel by MGMT
    2. How I Roll by Britney Spears

    Before you judge the Britney song, take a listen. It’s a very bizarre song that is so unlike all of her other music. It’s not similar to Electric Feel, but I think it’s just as fantastic.

  15. I’ve been on the same search which is m how I got here to this webpage; I have a few suggestions that give me the greats feels. Not exactly like “Electric Feel” unfortunately but let me know what you think!

    All I really need- Vindata
    The coca cola kid- Pear shape
    Emma – Imagine Dragons
    Doses & minosas – Cherub
    Don’t wait – mapei
    Lane boy – twenty one pilots (all albums is good)
    Paris- magic man
    Shark Attack – grouplove
    Your soul- Hippie Saboutage

  16. Hey Man..thanks for speaking OUT!! REALLY appreciate your words and your inability to settle for anything less then that hyper-emotional (hyper- beautiful) state that this music inspires in a person who is already living life as in a dream..a nod to the trip..in and half out of a self-actualized and yet also a spiritual experience. The thing that makes Electric Feel that I will speak.to at this time is the fact that it does sound like you MUST have heard it before….right? It seems..feels..so familiar. Like the song already existed..OUT there..in the universe..it’s timeless like that and they just plucked it right out of the stars and graced us with the sublime. I woke up from a dream into that video (and song) K. MINOGUE “Can’t Get You Otta My Head”..it was one of those videos that just works and everything comes together in the right way..artist..song and image. Who knows if I hadn’t been asleep and then woke up to this video if I would have fallen for such an over- the top pop song if I wouldn’t have been moved..really..by how perfect and simple and timeless..that one song is if my sub-conscience hadn’t been set up already..anyway so it made a big impression..and then Johnny Cash’s video “Hurt” came on right after and that was a brand new video and song where it’s weight is beautiful and undeniable. It feels like you are blurring the line between life and death. I almost died 3 years ago but I was given another chance..and everything felt dead and just over in my life. But I discovered some new music..and indeed it gave me some hope and something to live for..Lana Del Rey the first three albums all at once..and Die Antwoord. Check out the brilliantly executed video “Baby’s On Fire” EVERYTHING WORKS HERE. Other notables..Enter the Ninja..and COOKIE THUMPER..Fatty Boom Boom also check out the video on You Tube where they first introduce themselves..also check out Ice Cube No Vaseline..and NWA Boys in the Hood. Good Luck..thanks for your committment to excellence.

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