Song of the Week (outside of hip hop)

First, I apologize to all those who have followed us mostly for this post series, it’s been a while, I know. Now, I came across this while I was going through my catalog to see what I had in stock. A few years ago there was a video that appeared online of Pharrell Williams making a beat for this beautiful woman. It was like 10 minutes long or something like that but what was most notable in the video was that Pharrell and Chad were pretty much making it by ear. It sounded so soulful and groovy. At the time people didn’t know who the mysterious woman was nor the name of the song or if this song would be released. So that made it extremely difficult to find. Welp being the eager spirit that I was I got my copy and for your listening pleasures I present to you Vanessa Marquez…
In The Midnight Hour

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