Let’s Talk About the Good songs off A$AP Mob’s “Lord$ Never Worry”

As we all know by now, not every member of the mob has skills. We may have been excited to hear the project but in the back of our minds we all knew that there had to be some sacrifices. These mishaps came because for the sake of remaining a close group every member needs their time to shine. I was surprised how many appearances Rocky had and I was satisfied with the amount of work that A$AP Ferg put into the project, no pun intended. Alright so here’s the songs that I feel are worthy of taking up your precious space on your pod.

Bangin on Wax (A$AP Ferg & A$AP Nast “crack in the sack 90’s baby”)

This song has that gritty feel to it and it pretty much is that typical A$AP type of song. Some screwed voices in the background and some heavy shit talkin. I enjoyed the pauses in the song and the introductions.

Bath Salt ft. Flatbush Zombies
You already know what I think about this joint. Remember

Persian Wine (A$AP Ferg)

I don’t know what it is but this dude be on some other shit.
“bless all my violent friends, they don’t know right, all they know is pain, struggle all of their life, washing down pain with that purple ass Sprite, murder, death, kill, nigga fuck your side”
The only lyrical talent among them IMO. The lords prayer at the end, don’t get much more gully than that.

Work (A$AP Ferg)

Purple Kisses (A$AP Rocky)
There are some portions in this song that Rocky displays his skills. That Bone Thugs flow always have my face screwed.

Freeze (A$AP Rocky & Jim Jones)

“jumped up in the ride, loud head Rican”….lmao
Jones dominated this joint IMO. Such a tough verse, them metaphors had me chuckling.

Underground Killa (A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Raekwon)

This song kind of threw me for a loop, I wasn’t expecting to hear a Raekwon feature but it was worth a listen for sure. The Chef ain’t spit no half a$$ verse either. For some reason it sounds like they didn’t record this song at one place, it just sounds that way if you listen carefully. Nothing new in today’s music biz but it was too obvious here.
bang bang bang, like pops from the Wayans“….lmao

Jay Reed (A$AP Twelvy & Da$h)

A tough production and a hilarious chorus
I liked how Da$h used that line from Andre 3000, classic.

Gotham City (A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvy, A$AP Nast)

Another tough production. Ty Beats is really showing some growth. Twelvy is starting to become one more of the mob that I can bare to listen to, well pretty much everybody on this song plus Rocky. Everybody else needs to turn into hype men.

Choppas on Deck (A$AP Ferg)

Most of Ferg’s song sound like the narrator at the beginning of those old horror movies. Nightmare on Ferg St type ish ha! Something that kind of confuses me is how Ferg sounds like an older person than he actually is. I think I heard Ferg spit the second verse in a freestyle somewhere.

Hopes for LongLiveA$AP
-Absolutely no features from the mob except Ferg, Twelvy, & Nast
-At least one song with the Fatboy aka Schoolboy Q
-Ty Beats best work thus far
-Clams Casino on some productions
-No corny industry rappers

I think if that list is satisfied then everything will be well.

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