10 Things I Think About When Someone Mentions Raekwon

1. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx – It’s a classic what can I say??

2.. Polo Rugby’s – My cousin used to rock these things heavily back in the day. I can guarantee that he still got some in the back of his closet just waiting for them to come back to the mainstream.

3. Shark Niggas (Biters) – “niggas bit off Nas sh*t”

4. The Chef – They should drop this culinary arts lookin nu99a and place Raekwon’s face on the cans, boost them sales.

5. Peace Connecticut – “Incarcerated Scarfaces is a Connecticut anthem”

6. Teaching his seed Wu Tang Karate – lmao, wax on, wax off

7. “rollin in stolen MPV’s, every week we made 40 G’s”

8. “We gonna grow like a plant” – Striving For Perfection

9. 27″ Zenith – visual and hilarious

10. “smack em in his cabbage”, always gives me a good chuckle

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