G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer Album Review

GOOD Music is one of the top 3 crews in Hip Hop right now, can they grab the crown with Cruel Summer? Let’s see…
To The World
Kanye West feat. R. Kelly & Teyana Taylor [Prod. by Pop & Oak. Co: Hudson Mohawke, Million $ Mano, Ken Lewis, Travi$ Scott & Anthony Kilhoffer]
“I’m just trying to protect my stack, Mitt Romney dont pay no tax, Mitt Romney dont pay no tax”
Setting the album up for what to expect, Kanye and R.Kelly are saying “fu%k the world” over pounding drums. R.Kelly’s part is kind of long winded but its not bad, it sounds good. Kanye started his verse like another Chi-town legend.  The beat is good and so is the overall track. In hindsight, this was a good track to start with. 
Kanye West & Big Sean feat. Jay-Z & Cocaine 80s [Prod. by Hit-Boy. Co: Kanye West, Anthony Kilhoffer & Noah Goldstein]
“Call me Hov or Jefe”
Good track with good verses, even from Big Sean. The beat is during the verses is mean, a head bob is sure to follow.  The Throne had a good showing here, Kanye’s verse is a tad better. The chorus gets annoying after while though.
Kanye West, Big Sean & Pusha T feat. 2 Chainz [Prod. by Lifted & Kanye West]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dqgr0wNyPo]
The beat. The chorus. HARD. Pusha T and 2 Chainz did they thing but beat switch for Kanye surprised the hell out of me. The fist pumpers might enjoy it but it killed it for me. Other than that, this is an ok track. Hope you got some dynamat in your trunk.
New God Flow.1
Kanye West & Pusha T feat. Ghostface Killah [Prod. by Boogz, Tapez & Kanye West]
“I came aboard for more than just to rhyme with em, think ’99 when Puff wouldve had Shyne with em”
I like this track and the Ghostface “Mighty Heathy” sound bite and drum loop was a nice touch. Kanye and Pusha T’s presence here was nice but Ghostface owned this track. Smh. Plenty repeat value on this track.
The Morning
Pusha T, Common, CyHi The Prynce, Kid Cudi & D’banj feat. Raekwon and 2 Chainz [Prod. by IllMind & Kanye West. Co: Jeff Bhasker & Travi$ Scott]
“Some claim God-body, blame illuminati, all cuz his pockets now knotty as his hair”
I consider the beat a slowed down version of “Cold”. If you know illmind’s work, you know he’s alot more capable on the beats than what you hear here.  It’s a solid track with some decent verses. Pusha T stole the show with the best one. The chorus is good but sounds out of place. Kanye ends his verse exactly how he ended it on New God Flow.
Kanye West feat. DJ Khaled & DJ Pharris [Prod. by Hit-Boy]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar-sduhNbi4]
Title says it all. He took that Ma$e line and make a nice track to jam to.
Pusha T feat. The-Dream, Ma$e & Cocaine 80s [Prod. by Hit-Boy. Co: Kanye West & Mike Dean]
The Dream’s part was unbearable with that autotune. The random verse from Ma$e was awkward “1, 2, 1, 2, guess who back again”. The part about Loon was funny. Someone pacify that little baby crying please. Skip.
Sin City
John Legend, Teyana Taylor, CyHi The Prynce & Malik Yusef feat. Travi$ Scott [Prod. by Tommy Brown & Travi$ Scott]
“I know who Christ is, and he never hung with the Saints it makes no sense to save the righteous”
The first 2 minutes I’m feeling. Teyana Taylor’s chorus is the brightest part of this track. Decent track that seems to sound better after every listen.
The One
Kanye West & Big Sean feat. 2 Chainz, Marsha Ambrosius & Cocaine 80s [Prod. by Kanye West. Co: Hudson Mohawke, The Twilite Tone, Mannie Fresh & Lifted]
Everything about about this track is just ok. A very slow tempo and a decent chorus from Marsha, I kind of expect better though.
Kid Cudi [Prod. by Dan Black]
Tried to like it but I failed miserably. Some Cudi tracks I like, some I don’t. Skip.
John Legend & Teyana Taylor [Prod. by Hudson Mohawke]
This is just good singing on some groovy production fresh out the 80s. I didnt expect this track to be so good but it is. Teyana Taylor and John Legend delivers, this is a hit. No, for real.
I Dont Like Remix
Pusha T, Kanye West & Big Sean feat. Chief Keef & Jadakiss [Prod. by Young Chop. Co: Kanye West, The Twilite Tone & Noah Goldstein]
“Shout out to Derrick Rose, man that ni&&a nice!”
A popular track from months ago so it was only right to throw it up here. It helped out the overall album rating. This been getting plenty rotation in the pod lately.
Looking for that signature Kanye sound? Something filled with substance? Look elsewhere. If you are looking for something to bump in the car, on the way to the club or the gym, this might be a good album for you. No one really stood out with their verses except Kanye and Pusha T. Where in the world is Q-Tip, Mr Hudson, and Mos Def? As a whole, the production was alright. I expected better. You could probably find a better collection of songs with the G.O.O.D. Friday releases. There are a few tracks here that I could repeat but for the most part this album was a let down for me, there is too much talent on the roster for this not to be better. Overall Rating 5/10
Top 3 Favs
Cold, Bliss, New God Flow.1
Fav Beat

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