Four Dope Tracks, One Sick Sample

I randomly found these tracks just shuffling through the pod. Its a good feeling to find treasure when you not looking for it. I’ve been wondering what this sample was since I heard Oddisee’s “Tokyo” and now I know and stumbled upon 3 more recently released tracks that used that same joint. The Dramatics’ 1978 track, “Do What You Want To Do”, provided an excellent intro with airy chords and soft vocals, that’s a producer’s playground. Who used it best? I think all put a different touch to it, I like them all but Oddisee and Dizzy Wright’s versions are my favorites at the moment. Get a fix below and see which one you prefer.

Four Dope Tracks

Oddisee – Tokyo

Apollo Brown – Drinking Life

Dizzy Wright – Hit Me When You Comin

Big KRIT – The Alarm

One Sick Sample

The Dramatic – Do What You Want To Do

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