The Section.80 of Short Films

Pretty much the same state of mind, on that rebellious, let’s do something about it tip.

Song of the Week (outside of hip hop)

First, I apologize to all those who have followed us mostly for this post series, it’s been a while, I know. Now, I came across this while I was going through my catalog to see what I had in stock. A few years ago there was a video that appeared online Continue reading

Is the Beastie Boy’s ‘Licensed to Ill’ the Soundtrack to Brooklyn’s Re-emergence?

Brooklyn, a named that can be recognized around the world, from Beavertown, Oregon to Tokyo, Japan. The birthing grounds for hip hop greats Jay-Z & The Notorious B.I.G. A place that is known for it’s rough exterior and a city that embodies traditions, soul, and a loud spirit. A place where the people are upfront has been in the past few years overshadowed by New York’s artistic and upscaled neighborhoods, such as SoHo, Chelsea, TriBeCa, and Greenwich Village. The neighborhoods that many entrepreneurs would dream of opening up shop and pursuing the allure of success. I’m not sure what happened to push Brooklyn to back of many people’s minds, maybe it was the change of the times and one neighborhood’s stubbornness to remain true to their history but someone or something stepped up and said “it’s time”. Well one day Continue reading

Brother Ali – Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color Album Review

If you listen to Brother Ali, then you know he speaks what he feels. I’ve liked some of his songs that I’ve heard so I decided to check out his new album.

Letter To My Countrymen Featuring Dr. Cornel West

“Lately I changed nowadays I embrace it all / beautiful ideals and amazing flaws”

Ali talks to his fellow man about his views of life in America. The production is just right for such a message. This was a good track to start off with. Words from Cornel West at the end.

Only Life I Know

“Young girls swinging their hair with every step / Looking for affection, settling for sex / Bodies decorated with tattoos and chains / Trying to put armor between you and pain”

The lyrics speak to more than your ears as Brother Ali speaks on the realities of the lives people live these days. Jake One provides heat that pushes this song to another level. I’m feeling this one.  Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the Good songs off A$AP Mob’s “Lord$ Never Worry”

As we all know by now, not every member of the mob has skills. We may have been excited to hear the project but in the back of our minds we all knew that there had to be some sacrifices. These mishaps came because for the sake of remaining a close group every member needs their time to shine. I was surprised how many appearances Rocky had and I was satisfied with the amount of work that A$AP Ferg put into the project, no pun intended. Alright so here’s the songs that I feel are worthy of taking up your precious space on your pod. Continue reading